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Anonymous shuts down federal and music industry sites as vengeance for MegaUpload; UPDATE: FBI.gov taken down

anonymousPopular site MegaUpload was shut down by the US federal government today, which accused it of stealing $500 million in lost revenue from copyright holders. In retaliation, Anonymous has taken down a number websites, including:

  • Universal Music Group
  • Music Picture Association of America
  • Recording Industry Association of America
  • US Copyright Office
  • Department of Justice

The hacktivist group has issued DDoS attacks against these domains, all of which have been associated with anti-piracy regulations in some form. According to @AnonDaily, the group is also attempting to add WhiteHouse.gov, FBI.gov, and ChrisDodd.com to the list.

Calling the attacks “Operation MegaUpload” (#OPMegaUpload), Anonymous has been relatively quiet in respect to the rest of the Internet’s anti-SOPA/PIPA demonstrations. But the group’s full force is evident, as this is easily its largest attack yet—so far, some 10 sites in less than an hour.

“The entertainment industries will see that they can not [sic] simply censor us for the basis of profit,” the group says via Twitter

Update, 5:04 pm PST: Anonymous has taken down FBI.gov.