Disk Cleaner

Disk Cleaner was inspired by one of the system tools that can be found in Windows 98. As I was running Windows 95 myself those days, and upgrading my machine to 98 was not an option, I decided to write such a tool myself. However, Windows 98+ users may find that Disk Cleaner is smaller and faster, and one of its virtues is the ability to run quietly, i.e. on startup. This means that you can clear the cache every time you boot Windows. So, though originally intended for my own use, you may also have a use for it, so here it is.

Disk Cleaner depends on plug-ins to do the cleaning. Currently there are three plug-ins available, but by providing feedback you can influence the type of plug-ins that should be developed. So feel free to comment to the author.

Download at Major Geeks