Fujitsu Tests 3Gb Serial SCSI Hard Drives

The Fujitsu SAS interface leverages the recognized benefits of SCSI with the latest serial technology and Fujitsu expects SAS to become the enterprise I/O interface of choice for the new 2.5″ smallform factor enterprise hard disk drives.  HP’s testing of Fujitsu’s 3Gb/second SAS interface in enterprise solutions is intended to take advantage of reduced form factor hard disk drives and theincreased performance associated with serial attached SCSI.

“Fujitsu is poised to lead the small form factor SAS hard disk drive market due in large part to its relationship with technology innovators like HP,” said Mike Chenery, vice president, advanced product engineering, Fujitsu Computer Products of America.  “Fujitsu and HP recognize the impact of these hard disk drives on the market.  Fujitsu’s small form factor serial attached SCSI hard disk drives are nearly one third the size of current enterprise hard drives allowing manufactures to build solutions with more disk drives, lower heat dissipation, and lower acoustics.”

Fujitsu’s 2.5″ small form factor serial attached SCSI drives are the next generation enterprise hard disk drives created for storage markets that can take advantage of higher performance, higher capacity and smaller footprint hard disk drives.  Fujitsu’s small form factor enterprise drive will offer up 73.5GB of storage coupled with a SAS interface capable of a 300MB/s data transfer rate at a full 3Gb/second.

“HP is driving the adoption rate of small form factor solutions for our customers requiring the latest in enterprise storage connectivity and performance,” said Paul Perez, vice president of storage, networks, and infrastructure, Industry Standard Servers, HP.  “HP views small form factor SAS hard disk drives as the building block for various enterprise data center and subsystem applications.  By working closely with Fujitsu to receive the first 3Gb/second small form factor SAS interface, we ensure that our industry-standard HP ProLiant server and storage customers will be able receive solutions that are tested and ready to handle the rigors of 24/7 data storage and retrieval.”