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The digital bathroom: 6 devices you never knew you needed

The digital bathroom: 6 devices you never knew you needed

Centurylink: Better living through technologyThe bathroom is one of the most underrated places in your home. It’s a place where you get yourself together for the day, relax and unwind, get your business done, and most importantly, get clean. So why not pimp out your bathroom with these awesome gadgets you never knew you needed? Have a look at our picks, and see if they belong in your bathroom as game changers to what you thought was routine. 

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Scale ($130)

For the health-obsessed, a Wi-Fi scale is one of those gadgets will not only help you keep track of your weight and Body Mass Index, but send your information to your online account so you can see it all on a pretty graph. You can even add multiple profiles on the Fitbit Aria scale so every member of your family can use the scale without mixing up the data. The sleek, minimalist design also looks great in any bathroom, and if you own any other Fitbit products, the combination of these gadgets will help promote you on a healthy path to fitness. For more insight on the Fitbit Aria, check out our full hands-on review.

Zapi UV Toothbrush Sanitizer ($35)

Zapi toothbrush sanitizerPrepared to be grossed out. Consider the germs you brush out of your mouth on a daily basis, combined with the bacteria in the air from all the business you do in your bathroom. It’s a little sick to think about all that stuff flying around when you leave your toothbrush exposed, only to be put back inside your mouth twice — or more — a day, isn’t it?

To ensure your toothbrush is always sanitized, keep it nice and clean in the Zapi UV Toothbrush Sanitizer. The device is a bobbly, decorative stand that cleans your toothbrush in just seven minutes, so you can leave it running until you need to brush again. A tray at the bottom is also removable for simple cleaning, and the Sanitizer runs on three AAA batteries. Choose from your pick of solid colors, or animal and cartoon prints for the kids in your house.

Vado Sculpture Adjustable Shower Head ($990)

Vado Sculpture shower headYou haven’t showered until you you step into a stall with multiple shower heads that you can adjust to massage your back at your desired nook and crannies. The shower head can be mounted on the ceiling or the wall and offers great functionality with a modern, unique design. It’s like having Medusa in your shower stall — except she’s here to make you clean instead of turning you to stone. If you can afford it, mount two Vado Sculpture shower heads for twice the twisty fun.

Lav Nav Toilet Nightlight ($14)

Lav Nav toilet nightlightYou know that feeling of waking up in the middle of the night needing to go to the bathroom, but you don’t want to turn on the lights because that’ll just mess with your unadjusted eyes? As long as you can stumble your way to the toilet, having the Lav Nav light installed will let you use the bathroom in the dark while not missing your target entirely.

The nightlight will recognize when you approach the seat so it won’t illuminate until you are near, and a color-coded system lets you know if the toilet cover is up for guys or down and ready for the girls. When you’re done, the nightlight turns itself off and conserves energy. Your eyes will never have to be rudely interrupted again just because you have to use the bathroom.

Amba Q Quadro 2016 Towel Warmer ($385)

Amba Q Quadro 2016 towel warmerThe worst part of a nice, hot shower is turning the water off only face the brisk, cold air — if only for a few seconds. With a towel warmer installed, you can step out of the shower and into a cozy warm towel or robe. Talk about luxury! There are several tower warmer options on the market, but we particularly like the look, feel, and functionality of the stainless steel Amba Q Quadro 2016. When not warming towels, you can use it to dry bathing suits or hand-washed clothes, or use the rack to double as a radiator. If it’s any gadget we like, it’s one that have multiple utilities and purposes.

Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad ($11)

Aqua Notes waterproof notepadFor many, the shower is a place for people to get lost in thought — whether they’re contemplating the day’s activities, coming up with the next big idea, singing a new favorite tune, or figuring out solutions to personal problems. If you’ve ever felt like you had something in mind you just have to jot down, the Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad is the perfect accessory. No longer will you have to try to remember what you were just pondering and just write them all down without the fear of your notes getting destroyed by water. The waterproof notepad could even double as a way to leave memos to the next person in line for the shower, in case they miss the note you’ve already left on their desk, the fridge, or their room.

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