Coke Zero, please bring this 007 Skyfall machine to America

coke zero please bring this 007 skyfall machine to america campaign

In case you haven’t heard, the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, is coming to American theaters on November 9. For United Kingdom fans, however, the movie releases this week, so advertising has been on hyper mode across the pond. Of course, it wouldn’t be James Bond without some ridiculous stunt, so consider us satisfied with this Coke Zero machine that prompted unsuspecting train passengers to run through an obstacle course to win free tickets to Skyfall. Oh, and they have 70 seconds to do it.

Easy, you say? Think again. As the video would have you believe, contestants (all male, woefully) had to run upstairs, dodge a myriad of planted obstacles, jump through spilled cart of oranges and around a glass wall to make it to the end — only to recall how the James Bond theme is hummed. Which would be pretty embarrassing if you managed to get through of all that only to forget how the song goes. Wonder if those guys made it back to their train in time after the whole ordeal?

Coke Zero, we beg of you: Bring this stunt to America. It would be an entirely funny event that must be captured in video to see how far obese Americans would go for a pair of movie tickets. Personally, I’d love to see this take place on New York City’s Grand Central Terminal as well. Can you imagine the crowd of angry commuters watching a cart of orange fall over and over again because someone new decided to take their chance at 70 seconds of fame? We’re telling you, Coke, it will be the most viral video to promote Skyfall yet! In fact, now I want a Coke, too … even though James Bond would probably never be caught dead drinking one.

But then again, the American mentality might be, “Meh, I’ll just charge the $25 to my credit card to avoid going through all that trouble. My interest rate is onnnly 15 percent.” I’d still like to see that reaction.

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