Creative NOMAD MuVo2 MP3 players announced

The three new NOMAD MuVo2 players address the fast growing digital audio enthusiast market. The pocket-sized hard drive player, NOMAD MuVo2 1.5GB, will be available in September 2003 for onlyUS$229.99. Two rugged flash additions, NOMAD MuVo2 X-Trainer 512MB and NOMAD MuVo2 X-Trainer 1GB, will also be available as the only flash-based models in the market with USB 2.0. All three versionsfeature high-capacity removable and rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, unparalleled audio quality, super fast USB 2.0 connectivity and simple drag and drop functionality.

“Creative continues to drive the market with the best sounding and easiest to use MP3 players for all types of users,” said Craig McHugh, president of Creative Labs, Inc. “The NOMAD MuVo2 1.5GB is sosmall you would think it’s a flash player, yet it incorporates a one-inch hard drive that can hold an incredible 850 songs and is priced at only US$229.99. It’s also the only 1.5GB player on themarket to feature a removable battery. For the most active consumers, the NOMAD MuVo2 X-Trainer products ensure hours of skip-free music and are the only flash-based players on the market with USB2.0 connectivity.”

Creative’s smallest hard-drive based MP3 player ever, the NOMAD MuVo2 1.5GB, is an ideal mix of capacity and size-it can hold an amazing 50 hours (WMA / 64kbps) of music in a package so small it willslip into any pocket with room to spare. The handsome dusk blue and silver NOMAD MuVo2 connects to a notebook or desktop PC via USB 2.0 and is automatically recognized as a removable drive allowingthe user to easily drag and drop any type of file or even a favorite music playlist directly onto the player. The NOMAD MuVo2 features a convenient removable, rechargeable battery that charges viaUSB and lasts up to 10 hours on one full charge. Customers who opt to purchase an additional battery can enjoy even longer mobile playback without having to worry about recharging.

True to Creative’s rich audio heritage, the remarkably compact NOMAD MuVo2 offers unsurpassed audio quality at 98dB SNR, rivaling expensive hi-fi systems. By using the four-way rocker button, userscan simply scroll through the cool blue backlit LCD, select a play mode, such as Shuffle or Resume, and listen to hours of high-fidelity music. Users can also scroll to access the equalizersettings-rock, jazz, classical or pop-or even create their own custom settings. The NOMAD MuVo2 with 1.5GB is bundled with earbuds and a stylish and protective black carrying case, which includes aconvenient belt clip and a compartment to store the player’s USB cable.

NOMAD MuVo2 X-Trainer
The sporty yellow and charcoal NOMAD MuVo2 X-Trainer with 512MB was designed specifically for the digital music consumer with an active lifestyle. With 512MB of flash memory, this NOMAD MuVo2X-Trainer can deliver an incredible 16 hours of 100% skip-free music and is rugged enough to go anywhere.

“The NOMAD MuVo2 X-Trainer has a competitive edge with its huge capacity and super fast USB 2.0 connectivity-it’s the only flash-based player with USB 2.0 convenience,” said Lisa O’Malley, seniorbrand manager for portable audio products at Creative Labs.

For the active consumer who wants to carry along even more music, Creative will also offer the stylish charcoal and silver NOMAD MuVo2 X-Trainer with 1GB of flash memory. This player holds up to 560songs and ensures up to 16 hours of uninterrupted, skip-free playback on just one charge of the removable battery.

A convenient sports armband with beltclip is included with both NOMAD MuVo2 X-Trainer players to allow the most active users to listen to their favorite upbeat music during any form of exercise, suchas running or mountain climbing. Weighing in at just 3.1 ounces, the NOMAD MuVo2 X-Trainer is so light it will be hard to notice it’s there at all.

All of the new NOMAD MuVo2 products feature a headphone jack with upcoming support for a FM Wired Remote accessory. Although the NOMAD MuVo2 digital audio players do not require software, all threeproducts come bundled with Creative’s MediaSource music management software. MediaSource is an easy-to-use application for ripping and burning CDs, organizing entire digital music collections, andtransferring MP3 and WMA files to NOMAD MuVo2 products at the touch of a button.

Pricing and Availability
U.S. pricing and availability information is as follows:
 – NOMAD MuVo2 1.5GB: $229.99, September 2003
 – NOMAD MuVo2 X-Trainer 512MB: $269.99, September 2003
 – NOMAD MuVo2 1GB: $499.99, October 2003

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