Garmin’s Out for a Run with Updated Astro GPS Dog Tracking Collar

GPS maker Garmin International has announced its DC 40 tracking collar, an update to its Astro Dog Tracking Collar popular amongst hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and dog trainers. The new DC40 is mounted on an orange polyurethane collar strap, and the GPS “puck” that used to be on top of the collar is now integrated into the collar’s housing, which means the system can be used with most e-collar receivers on the market without requiring two collars. The new DC 40 also features a PIN-based collar lock—so other people can’t easily track your dogs—and support for up to ten dogs per receiver.

garmins out for a run with updated astro gps dog tracking collar garmin dc 40

“The refinements that are found in the new DC 40 are the result of feedback from hunters and trainers,” said Garmin worldwide sales VP Dan Bartel, in a statement. “The new collar is more convenient and more durable than ever.”

The DC40 is intended to enable owners to monitor a dog’s location and activity—even in dense growth—at distances up to seven miles. The system is simple to set up—the collar and receiver just need to acquire a GPS signal and they’re good to go—and do not require a subscription plan or any additional setup. Each receiver can track up to 10 dogs; the DC 40 collar runs on a rechargeable battery that should last for 17 to 48 hours, while they receiver runs on two AA batteries. Both the collars and the receivers are waterproof; the collars now feature a smooth design that doesn’t have nooks and recesses where mud and gunk can accumulate, and the collars also have an LED charge indicator that blinks when the collar battery is running low. Both the collar and the receiver are waterproof.

Owners can load maps into the Astro receiver using a microSD slot, enabling to see where dogs have been. Hunters will also appreciate the ability to note locations and times where dogs found game. Detailed 24K topographic maps are available, and optional road map data can provide directions to motels, gas stations, eateries…and vets.

The Astro dog tracking system comes with an Astro receiver and a DC 40 wireless transmitter collar for $599.99. Additional collars are available for $249.99.

garmins out for a run with updated astro gps dog tracking collar garmijn system