Home Nets Travel to TV Antennas

The companies are coming together under the Multimedia Over Coax Alliance (MoCA), formation of which will be announced later Monday, according to Matsushita Electric Industrial. The Japanese company, better known by its Panasonic brand name, is the world’s largest consumer electronics company and one of the founding members of MoCA.

Other members include Toshiba, computer networking company Cisco Systems, cable TV network operator Comcast, direct-to-home satellite provider Echostar Satellite, semiconductor company Entropic Communications, Motorola, and RadioShack.

Together they hope to develop a system that will be capable of delivering DVD-quality video throughout the home over existing coaxial cable. Such cabling is already present in many rooms around the home because it is used to deliver TV signals from an antenna or cable TV connection.

Technical Details

Few technical details of the system have been disclosed, but the companies say it will support transmission of digital data at speeds of up to 270 megabits per second. That’s several times faster than Wi-Fi wireless Internet connections, the 802.11a version of which runs as fast as 54 mbps, and approaching the 400 mbps offered by IEEE1394 Firewire although over a much shorter range.

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