Jawbone finally releases an improved UP fitness band

Jawbone up

Detailed on ABC News earlier today, Jawbone has relaunched the UP fitness band after performance issues with defective units caused the company to offer full refunds during December of last year. Issues with the old version of the fitness hardware included moisture getting inside the device as well as bracelets that simply broke due to owners bending the hardware the wrong way. Eleven months later, the new Jawbone UP is significantly more flexible in addition to being completely waterproof. According to company representatives, the new bracelet design has been put through 46 weeks of user trials in addition to nearly three million hours of product testing. 

Wearing the Jawbone UpWhen asked about the improved design of the fitness bracelet, Jawbone VP of product management Travis Bogard stated “In the last year we have learned a ton and we learned a lot from what became this beta in the real world. We got a lot of rich data from our users. We had to create whole new tests for this. We even created our own shower called the Big Shower 2000. It would go through different heats of water, different containments of water, and then bend it thousands of times.”

Similar to the Fitbit One or the Nike+ FuelBand, the Jawbone UP is worn on the body at all times and tracks walking distance, calories burned, the amount of time you are active during the day and the intensity of each activity. It also tracks the quality of your sleep at night and has the ability to wake you up during the right time in your sleep cycle with a silent vibration alarm. Regarding sleeping, there’s a “Power Nap” function that will wake you up approximately 26.s minutes after falling asleep. Beyond providing a look into your fitness level and quality of sleep, users can also record their mood on the device .

Jawbone Up iPhone application

The waterproof feature means the user can wear it into the shower and the battery lasts for approximately ten days before the device needs to be recharged with a USB cable. It takes approximately 80 minutes to fully recharge the device, however it will charge to 80 percent in the first 45 minutes. 

All of this data is uploaded to a user’s account after the device has been synced with an iPhone, iPod or iPad. The user also has to download the UP by Jawbone iOS application in order to view their data. In order to sync the Jawbone UP with an iPhone, the user pulls off the cap at the end of the bracelet and plugs the UP directly into the 3.5mm headphone jack on the Apple device. 

Through the app, users can record information about food intake during the day in order to track calories consumed. Using the camera in the mobile Apple device, the application also includes a feature that allows users to scan the barcode of a food product in order to automatically pull up the nutritional data.

While the Jawbone UP only supports iOS at this time, the company is working on an Android version of the software. The redesigned Jawbone UP is currently priced at $129.99 and currently is being sold in black. Other colors coming at a later date include mint green, light grey, blue, navy blue, red, orange and hunter green.

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