Phlips enters the wireless networking arena

Philips is introducing a range of accessories aimed at making it easier for consumers to share their PC-based personal entertainment content around the home using WiFi© wireless home networking technology.

As part of its strategy of developing products for a wireless-connected consumer electronics environment, Philips will be launching in September the first members of an entire family of branded home networking accessories and peripherals.

The first four products will focus on providing solutions for the PC enabling consumers at home or on the move to use wireless connectivity to share content with other computers, or to access the Internet. These products include:

  • Wireless Base Station – designed to connect multiple PCs and PC peripherals networked via either a wired or 802.11b (WiFi) wireless home network. The base station can also be connected to a modem to provide wireless Internet access. Quick and easy to set up, the base station which include a dual antenna has a range of up to 400 meter in and around the home, and can be fully secured to provide complete peace of mind.
  • Wireless USB Adapter – a quick-and-easy way to add wireless connectivity to a PC, this adapter dongle connects to a PC’s USB (1.1) port to provide access to an 802.11b-based wireless network. This easy to install and use accessory supports the new Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) security protocol to prevent unauthorized access to a wireless network. Furthermore, its Efficient Power Saving feature guards against battery drain in a laptop, enabling longer access to a wireless network.
  • Wireless Notebook Adapter – this PCMCIA card provides laptop users with a plug-and-play connection to 802.11b networks. With the growing availability of public WiFi networks in airports, hotels, coffee shops and other locations, this card this also provides a convenient add-on for laptop users whose PC’s are not equipped with an integrated or PCMCIA-based WiFi card. As with the USB Adapter, this card features WPA security and Efficient Power Saving.
  • USB/Ethernet Adapter Cable – for consumers who have PCs without an Ethernet network connection, this convenient accessory allows 10/100 Mbps Ethernet cables to be connected to a computer using its USB port.

All products will offer easy, straight-from-the-box set up with the minimum complexity to enable consumers to take full advantage of home networking to access content anywhere in or around the home. With the relatively simple addition of wireless connectivity, PC and Internet content can be accessed virtually anywhere within range of the wireless network, freeing the PC user from the confines of the home office.

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