Pizza from a vending machine? Let’s Pizza to debut in the US this year

pizza from a vending machine lets to debut in the us this yearA pizza vending machine that’s been serving up the popular snack to Europeans for the last few years is set to make its debut in the US.

It has to be said that when we first heard about the Let’s Pizza vending machine, we imagined it chucking out a soggy, microwaved, unappetizing piece of mush, so imagine our surprise to discover it actually makes fresh pizza while you wait — and it doesn’t take particularly long, either.

Created by Italian Claudio Torghel and distributed by A1 Concepts in the Netherlands, the Let’s Pizza machine takes just 2.5 minutes to knock out a whole pizza — and that includes making the dough.

Ronald Rammers, CEO of A1 Concepts, talked to Pizza Marketplace about the machine. “We have our own facilities where we produce the toppings and it is possible to create any kind of pizza – meat, fish, vegetarian, any kind,” Rammers said. “Each pizza machine is connected to the Internet to control stock. If necessary, besides the standard services, the operator will re-stock. Each pizza machine contains ingredients for 200 pizzas.”

pizza from a vending machine lets to debut in the us this year

The machine, which will charge around $5.95 for a 27-centimeter (10.5-inch) pizza, will eventually be located at places like malls, airports, hotels, supermarkets, universities, (your bedroom?) and gas stations.

He added, “Let’s Pizza is a huge success in Europe and especially in Italy. That was proof for us that we have a very good pizza.”

A video demonstrating how the machine works (check it out below) is keen to drive home the fact that no people are involved in the making of the pizza, guaranteeing “total hygiene” with a product “untouched by humans hands.”

The Let’s Pizza vending machine is set to appear in the US over the summer, in time for October’s National Pizza Month. The only question is, in a country that’s already home to more than 60,000 pizzerias, will there actually be any room for a pizza-making vending machine?

[via Ubergizmo]

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