Playboy and Virgin Galactic reveal plans for swanky men’s club… in space!

playboy club virgin galactic spaceYou have to hand it to Playboy. While the rest of us ponder the possibilities of manned colonies on the moon and exploration of the deepest reaches of our solar system, Hugh Hefner’s team has decidedly different ideas in mind for mankind’s future among the stars.

Imagine jetpack-equipped Playboy bunnies serving drinks in a zero-gravity bar and an “orbital pleasure dome” that gives you a view of Earth while engaging in romantic trysts and you’re starting to get the idea.

As detailed in this month’s issue of Playboy (and reported by, the iconic adults-only publishing company has plans for a Playboy Club in space — a project dreamed up as part of a partnership with Virgin Galactic, the space tourism company founded by billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. And with Virgin Galactic planning to begin test flights this year (and selling tickets for future flights at $200,000 each), the cosmic men’s club could be a very real possibility.

“The Playboy Club in space will be on a station in orbit, like a cruise ship,” explained Playboy writers A.J. Baime and Jason Harper. “Orbiting Earth is one idea, but it could also travel around other celestial bodies.”

Among the amenities envisioned for the orbiting Playboy Club are a zero-gravity dance club, a casino that features something called “human roulette,” and a restaurant that serves floating food.

“As Virgin Galactic gets closer to becoming the world’s first commercial space line, Playboy is eagerly pondering the creation of the ultimate intergalactic entertainment destination,” wrote Playboy editorial director Jimmy Jellinek. “This heaven-in-the-heavens will exceed starry-eyed travelers’ wildest dreams, and guests will truly experience a party that’s out of this world.”

According to the article, Playboy worked with several futurists and scientists, as well as Virgin Galactic head designer Adam Wells, in creating the concept for the club.