Sweet 3D chocolate printer goes on sale, but wallets as well as waistbands will be stretched

Choc Creator 3D PrinterIf you’ve been having sweet dreams about owning a 3D chocolate printer ever since the prototype made its first appearance in July last year, the wait is almost over, as the Choc Creator Version 1 is now on sale.

However, the printer could stretch your wallet as much as your waistband, as it’s priced at £2,488/$3,950, and that’s a special sale price for the first 90 customers. If you miss that deal, it’ll cost you £2,888/$4,580.

The Choc Creator works in the same way as other 3D printers, by building your design up layer-by-layer, without the need for special tools to create intricate patterns. Except instead of plastic or metal, it uses melted chocolate.

Liquid chocolate comes from the syringe mounted on the front of the printer, and your chocolate design loaded using the standard 3D printing software, or via a website. It’s not the fastest process in the world — as seen in the video below — but all good things come to those who wait.

Dr. Liang Hao, part of the team at the University of Exeter in the UK who came up with the Choc Creator, has founded Choc Edge, a company which will sell the printer. He’s aiming for sales of between 500 to 1000 units in the next three years.

Unfortunately, the Choc Creator printer you can buy now isn’t suitable for home use, as it has yet to be certified by the relevant authorities, however the process is underway.

At the moment, then, it’s best suited to companies who want to test the machine out rather than the average chocoholic on the street. It’s hoped sweets made using a retail version of the printer will be available for next Easter, but we’re looking forward to the consumer version, where it could become the most oft-used appliance in our kitchen.

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