Lead level designer claims Prey 2 is ‘in limbo’

Prey 2

Yesterday Human Head Studios’ Nathan Cheever took to Twitter to succinctly explain the plot of the firm’s upcoming sci-fi shooter Prey 2. “Prey 1 = Indians in Space. Prey 2 = Cowboys in Space,” he tweeted. That sounds like a great premise for a video game, but unfortunately the next words in Cheever’s message leave the game’s fate up in the air. “P2 hasn’t been officially canceled, only in limbo.”

As Cheever later points out, this shouldn’t really be earth-shaking news. Bethesda said that the game would be delayed way back in April of this year. However, what Cheever fails to mention is that though Bethesda claims that the game will be delayed, it never offers a window for when the game might see the light of day. Not even a vague “TBD 2013.” It still being “in limbo” six months after Bethesda’s latest comment doesn’t suggest that the company is ready to prepare it for release any time soon.

The most distressing part of this tale is the reason why Bethesda opted to put Prey 2 into hiatus in the first place. According to Bethesda’s official statement, Prey 2 was delayed “due to the fact that game development has not progressed satisfactorily this past year, and the game does not currently meet our quality standards.” Nothing between that time and now suggests that any improvements have been made to the title, or even that either publisher Bethesda or developer Human Head Studios are still putting work into the project.

Way back in April we were optimistic about this delay. At the time we were still pumped from E3 2011 where the game made a fantastic showing. Now though, we’re not so sure. If the company can’t get the project back on track in half a year, we’re wondering if the Prey 2 project can ever return to its former heavily-anticipated glory.

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