Square-Enix teases a sequel to The World Ends With You

subaseka square-enix

The World Ends With You might be getting a sequel based on a new teaser site from Square-Enix.

Square-Enix is not Squaresoft. Square-Enix is the modern company encompassing Final Fantasy creator Squaresoft, Dragon Quest creator Enix, and Tomb Raider creator Eidos. It’s known for pumping out games as sticky sweet and pop-star-ready as Final Fantasy XIII. Squaresoft was an experimental role-playing game studio that dabbled in melancholy epics like Vagrant Story and weird genre experiments like Einhander.

Every now and then though, the Squaresoft of old will poke its head about ground and lay down the sort of weird, heartfelt game that used to be its stock in trade. The Jupiter and Square collaboration The World Ends With You for Nintendo DS was one of those games. A bunch of spiky-haired teens are trapped in a city where they fight monsters with friendship and collectable buttons. It was great.

Even as series creator Tetsuya Nomura has said he wanted to get back to it, there’s been little hope for a sequel since TWEWY hit the states in 2008. When the characters from that game popped up in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, it seemed like Square was at least interested in re-releasing the game.

The newly opened teaser site for something labeled “Subaseka,” definitely suggests something The World Ends With You related is coming. The countdown timer looks identical to those that appeared on characters’ arms in the original. The fine print also labels it as a project between Nomura and Gen Kobayashi, his collaborator on TWEWY’s character design.

There are 6 days to go. Fingers crossed.