Two Million Eyetoys Shipped In Europe

SCEE claims that it’s been forced to bring in rush shipments of the game by air to meet demand (as was the case with the American PlayStation 2 launch), so great is the interest in digital-cameragesticulative action from European PS2 owners.

“The demand for EyeToy has been fantastic, from Day 1 of release in early Summer right through the Christmas season.” said SCEE’s Patrick Inskip. “The use of air freight throughout this period has been crucial to keep up with the unrelenting demand across all of SCEE’s European markets.”

The Eyetoy: Play mini-game collection has yet to do quite as well in the United States — it failed to crack NPD’s PlayStation 2 top 10 software sales list in November. However, it saw comparatively slow growth in Europe as well, so we’ll see if it catches on during and after the remainder of the holiday season.

The company has had less success for its second package of Eye Toy games, Eye Toy: Groove, which added rhythm action mini-games to the repertoire of the camera peripheral. Groove has failed to register in the UK charts since its launch – disappointing, but hardly a major blow to SCEE given that it was developed in around four months.

SCEE hopes to continue the success of Eye Toy next year with the launch of Eye Toy: Play 2, which will expand on the range of games available for the system. Other companies are thought to be looking into adding Eye Toy mini-games to their forthcoming PS2 titles as well, which should help to boost the perceived value of the peripheral.