Xbox 360 Updates Allow USB Flash Drive Support

Microsoft has recently issued an update to the Xbox Live network that will allow users to use USB flash drives for storage. Xbox owners will be able to attach their own flash drives to save profiles, game save data, or XBL Arcade 360 updates allow usb flash drive support versions

Microsoft is also planning on selling its own pre-configured, 8GB SanDisk drives that come with one month of XBL Gold subscription service, but Xbox’s support has issued a step-by-step walkthrough on how to configure any USB, FAT32 formatted flash drive to work.

The configuration allows you to reformat a drive and make it Xbox ready, or set aside a portion of the drive to be reserved for Xbox information. Despite the limit of the FAT32 system, the update will allow users far more flexibility on storage.

With the move by Microsoft to release several games online, including the recent announcement of platinum sellers “Fable II” and “Fallout 3” to be sold as digital downloads, plus the release of the 250GB hard drive for the Xbox, the future of the console seems to be heading more and more towards digitally released content.