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Reolink Argus 4 Pro: First 4K battery cam with night vision, dual-image stitching

Argus 4 Pro with Solar Panel mounted on exterior wall

Security cameras and smart home surveillance systems have advanced significantly in recent years, and nothing is more indicative of that evolution than Reolink’s new Argus 4 Pro. Building upon its predecessors, this advanced smart security camera introduces several firsts. It’s the first dual-band Wi-Fi 6-ready 4K quality camera powered by a battery, establishing a new benchmark in wireless connectivity. But it’s also equipped with Reolink’s innovative ColorX night vision that delivers a stunning, bright-as-day visual clarity and a new dual-image stitching algorithm. The stitching seamlessly combines separate images from two built-in lenses to achieve a complete 180-degree horizontal field of view. That means you get a much wider view of the surrounding area with minimal distortion. All of that, combined with existing functionality — like smart detection for people, vehicles, and animals — make it one of the most powerful security solutions to hit the market. By my measure, it’s exciting already, but let’s take a closer look at what else the Reolink Argus 4 Pro offers.

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Industry’s firsts combined with industry greats

Reolink Argus 4 Pro conceptual image

The silky smooth and reliable 4K viewing will deliver a clear view of what’s happening in your home or on your property. No more guessing who or what is in front of you, you can see them plain as day, even at night. The ColorX night vision uses a large aperture lens and a broad sensor area to administer pristine, colorful feeds even with minimal light sources. Dim starlight or street lamps aren’t a problem here. That also removes the need for a built-in spotlight, which can sometimes create a reflection or glare on the lens in comparable systems.

But we all know that higher resolutions like 4K can be demanding on power and the wireless connection — without a proper wireless signal, the feed or clarity may suffer. Support for dual-band Wi-Fi 6 offers much-needed wireless connectivity with faster download and upload speeds, especially for multi-device setups. The Argus 4 Pro features enhanced battery efficiency, which Reolink claims is improved by 30%. That keeps the power draw low regardless of the functions used. ColorX, for example, avoids the high power draw of IR night cameras. To make it even better, the Argus 4 Pro supports the Reolink 6-watt solar panel to harness renewable energy. Just 10 minutes of charging with a panel, minimal sunlight or not, and it can continue operating for another 24 hours.

Another concern with modern security cameras is the viewing area, or rather, the coverage they offer. A dual-image stitching algorithm extends the camera’s visibility for wider views. Thanks to the image from two lenses stitched together, 180 degrees of viewing in true 4K is a game-changer here. The camera will also capture much finer detail, producing more usable, high-quality, and detailed recordings. In a situation where you need to extract as much detail and information as possible from a recording, the Argus 4 Pro delivers.

Now, the industry greats

Reolink smart detection returns to help quickly identify people, vehicles, or animals in the feed. It’s significantly improved by the 180-degree ultra-wide-angle Passive Infrared (PI) sensor and its extended field of view, reducing the chance of missed alerts. Plus, it’s fully customizable. You can specify Privacy Masks to block recording in sensitive areas and adjust Motion Zones to fine-tune what’s being captured.

Non-subscription-based local storage keeps costs down, and Argus 4 Pro supports MicroSD cards, FTP servers, NAS, and Reolink’s own Home Hub Series to give you plenty of storage backup and playback options. Easy remote access, mobile app support, and smart home integration with Google Home round out the list of features.

And if you’re worried about using the Argus 4 Pro outside, don’t be. It’s IP66 weatherproof-rated, so it’s fully protected from the elements.

The Argus 4 Pro offers reliable extended coverage for less

Argus 4 Pro with Solar Panel mounted on underhang with panel in the sun

With any security camera, you want the feed to be clear not just while you’re watching live but also during playback. The problem is that when you play back a recording, it’s too late to gripe about what you can and can’t see. If the video is grainy or low-quality, it’s going to be tough picking out some crucial details like car license plates, the make and model of offending vehicles, or even a subject in the video — like an intruder’s face.

The 180-degree blindspot-free view, high-quality 4K resolution image, color vision day and night, and local storage options mean the Argus 4 Pro offers an incredible wealth of security coverage and support. You get peace of mind knowing it’s capturing clear, detailed imagery. Comparing it to similar smart home cameras, especially without the subscription fees, you’re getting so much more for less. That’s exciting in its own right because many of the features are innovative industry-firsts.

Whether you’re seeking coverage for your home, a second property, or your business, the Argus 4 Pro delivers. Usually $220, from June 10 to 16, Digital Trends readers can use code reoargus1 to get 10% off. Now’s an excellent time to upgrade your home or property security like you’ve been wanting to.

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