Sleep comfortably under the stars in one of the best tents

An essential piece of gear whether you're camping in your backyard or on a multi-day backpacking trip, here are our picks of the best tents currently on the market from car camping varieties to the best three-person option.

Take on the forces of nature with one of the best backpacking tents you can buy

Whether you're headed out for the weekend or a thru-hike, these are the best backpacking tents you can buy. A proper backpacking tent allows you to stay comfortable and cozy on beautiful days or when the forces of nature seem to be…

Perch above the fray (and impress Instagram) in the best rooftop tents

Like camping but hate sleeping on the ground? Then why not sleep under the stars and on top of your vehicle in a rooftop tent? Not only is it a fun way to camp but it offers a great vantage point, as well as extra protection from bugs and…

Live the high life down under in Sierra Escape’s luxury solar-powered tents

If you're searching for the perfect backcountry getaway but you don't want to give up the modern amenities of home, Sierra Escape offers the perfect solution with two solar-powered luxury glamping tents.

Stay protected from the elements year-round in one of the best 4-season tents

No matter the time of year, it doesn't hurt to have a reliable 4-season tent in your arsenal of backpacking gear. From keeping you protected from the elements to staying warm and cozy when the temperature drops, we've found the best…

The ‘ultimate dome tent’ is here and it’s made from Dyneema

Locus Gear founder Jotaro Yoshida has spent four years designing the ultimate dome tent, using waterproof and breathable Dyneema to create a shelter that is lightweight, strong, and durable for use in all weather conditions.

Modular Cinch smart pop-up tent features solar power pack, climate control

Cinch, the world's largest pop-up and first smart tent, featuring solar panels, a climate control canopy, and interior LED lighting. There are two-, three-, and four-person options available.

Hunker down safely in 60 mph winds, inside The North Face’s Geodome 4

Built for mountaineering expeditions, the new Geodome 4 tent from The North Face is relatively lightweight, spacious, easy to assemble, and can withstand sustained winds of more than 60 mph.

Tentnest gives you the perks of both a hammock and a tent while camping

Launched on Kickstarter, Tentnest combines the best elements from a hammock and a tent to provide a lightweight shelter that is comfortable, easy to transport, and sets up in a matter of minutes.

Traft is a floating tent-raft combo that has to be seen to be believed

The Traft combines the best elements of a tent and a packraft into one product, giving an inflatable boat with a protective cover during the day and a quick, convenient place to sleep at night.

These luxury glamping tents will make sleeping under the stars feel like heaven

If you’re one of those types who loves Mother Nature but would rather not sleep in a cramped and dirty tent, check out this list of luxury "glamping" tents so you can sleep under the stars in comfort.

Best Sleeping Gear: 2017 Digital Trends Outdoor Awards

A proper tent and sleeping bag comprise the foundation of any camping trip so for the Digital Trends Outdoor Awards, we looked to crown the best from companies like Big Agnes, Yakima, The North Face, and Patagonia.