Here's how to download Wikipedia. Seriously. The whole thing

Frequent Wikipedia user? You can actually download the entire Wikipedia library to your home computer thanks to its open-source nature and a several free applications that do almost all the heavy lifting for you. Here's how to do it.

A major Wikipedia project fixed millions of old, broken links

A huge project undertaken by the Internet Archive has restored some nine million broken links on Wikipedia. The ongoing effort is connecting referenced pages that have gone offline to the Archive's database of stored pages.

Wikipedia taps streetwear brand to design fundraising apparel

What's white, features the WIkipedia logo, and has the words "internet master" emblazoned on one side? Why, it's a shirt designed by a streetwear brand to raise funds for the internet's most popular encyclopedia.

Wikipedia is making it easier to explore the internet with page previews

Wikipedia is making it a bit easier to stay on track and not get too distracted by the plethora of knowledge available on the internet -- page previews. It's the biggest change Wikipedia has made since 2010.
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Facebook’s new fake news tool is partially powered by Wikipedia

How do you present objective information about a news source? Crowdsource it. Facebook is using Wikipedia entries in a new fake news tool that provides readers more context on the source.
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YouTube will add factual links to conspiracy-theory videos — using Wikipedia

After a conspiracy theory video that was later removed made it to YouTube's trending section, the platform decided to make changes to help cue viewers in to potentially false content by adding links to related Wikipedia content.

Wikipedia can now be found on the dark web

Online privacy and security are important regardless of where you live, but in some countries, accessing Wikipedia can result in imprisonment. In order to combat this, a cybersecurity expert has created a Tor-compatible version of Wikipedia…

‘Go north’ and navigate Wikipedia as a text-only adventure game

Blending the modern world of information gathering with classic gaming navigation techniques, a London-based developer turned Wikipedia's location articles into an explorative, text-driven adventure game.
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Burger King’s new Whopper ad forces Google Home to read you ingredients

Burger King's new TV ad might be a whopper of a bad idea. It triggers AI-powered Google Home speakers into reading the latest Wikipedia entry for the fast-food chain's Whopper burger.

11 million Asiacell subscribers in Iraq to get free access to Wikipedia

The Wikipedia and Asiacell announced a partnership that'll see the mobile operator grant 11 million Iraqi customers free access to Wikipedia, the crowdsourced internet encyclopedia.

Death and politics: Wikipedia reveals its most-edited pages of 2016

Wikipedia's list of its most-edited pages this year highlights the loss of some big-name stars over the last 12 months, as well as the most bitterly contested U.S. presidential election in living memory.

Race through the Wikiverse for your next internet search

Wikiverse, a web-based interactive 3D visualization of Wikipedia displays the encyclopedia of the internet as a web of information, “turning it into a marvelous galaxy of knowledge you can explore with your mouse."

The visually impaired may soon have an audio version of Wikipedia

Wikipedia really is for everyone, and that includes people who are unable to read printed text. Thanks to a new open source project, the people's encyclopedia is adding a text to speech synthesis that will allow for certain Wiki entries to…

Wikipedia’s new iOS app is easier to use than its website

Wikipedia has released a new version of its iOS app, placing focus on personalization and aiming to offer content to users based on their previous interests. The app also now supports 3D Touch, offering a home screen quick access menu.

The new Wikimedia Endowment will try to keep Wikipedia free for another 15 years

The Wikimedia Foundation has just launched the Wikimedia Endowment, which will serve as a “permanent safekeeping fund” that hopes to diminish Wikipedia's reliance upon ad hoc donations. The goal is to raise $100 million over the next…

These are the top 25 Wikipedia articles of 2015

Last year, Wikipedia logged more than 5 million articles in English, an impressive achievement nearly 15 years in the making (the site was born back in 2001). And in 2015, these were the 25 most-read articles.

Beneath every presidential candidate’s Wikipedia page lies a vicious tug-of-war

Wikipedia was founded as an unbiased source of information online, but how does the site counteract the influence of contributors' political leanings on entries pertaining to presidential hopefuls?

Judge dismisses Wikimedia v. NSA lawsuit, says plaintiff arguments are based on speculation

In what's sure to be one of the most important cases of our time, the Wikimedia foundation has officially filed suit against the NSA in hopes of dismantling the agency's mass surveillance programs