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You can probably guess Wikipedia’s most-viewed article of 2023

Wikipedia has released its annual list revealing its most viewed pages from the last 12 months, and you can probably guess what comes out on top ...
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Meta wants to supercharge Wikipedia with an AI upgrade

capitol hill twitter censorship section 230

If Section 230 gets killed, Wikipedia will die along with it

Jimmy Wales speaking

What does it take to make a social media network that doesn’t exploit users?

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How Wikimedia controls the chaos of constant contributions to create Wikipedia

bots that make wikipedia work wikipediabotsfeature

Meet the 9 Wikipedia bots that make the world’s largest encyclopedia possible

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Wikipedia angry at North Face after retailer gamed its site for free ads

wikipedia adding voice recordings famous peoples pages

A major Wikipedia project fixed millions of old, broken links

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Wikipedia taps streetwear brand to design fundraising apparel

wikipedia page previews 1 l3x2oiesild9kmqdgzmh a

Wikipedia is making it easier to explore the internet with page previews

facebook about this article wikipedia cover image copy

Facebook’s new fake news tool is partially powered by Wikipedia


YouTube will add factual links to conspiracy-theory videos — using Wikipedia

wikipedia text adventure game

Wikipedia can now be found on the dark web

In an effort to promote freedom of information, a cybersecurity expert has created a version of Wikipedia accessible via the Tor browser.
wikipedia text adventure game wikipediathetext

‘Go north’ and navigate Wikipedia as a text-only adventure game

Wikipedia: The Text Adventure lets you explore Wikipedia articles as if they were part of an adventure right out of the '80s.
burger king google home ad resized

Burger King’s new Whopper ad forces Google Home to read you ingredients

Burger King's new TV ad might be a whopper of a bad idea. It triggers Google Home speakers into reading the Whopper's Wikipedia entry.
wikipedia asiacell iraq mwc2017 politics

11 million Asiacell subscribers in Iraq to get free access to Wikipedia

Wikipedia and Asiacell announced a partnership that will see the carrier grant 11 million Iraqi customers free access to Wikipedia.

Death and politics: Wikipedia reveals its most-edited pages of 2016

wikiverse opens as exploratory wikipedia

Race through the Wikiverse for your next internet search

Wikiverse, a web-based interactive 3D visualization of Wikipedia displays the encyclopedia of the internet as a web of information to explore with a mouse.
wikipedia text to speech

The visually impaired may soon have an audio version of Wikipedia

Wikipedia really is for everyone, and that includes people who, whether due to visual impairment or for other reasons, are unable to read printed text.
wikipedia asiacell iraq mwc2017 politics

Wikipedia’s new iOS app will give you the information you’re looking for

Wikipedia has refreshed its app for iOS, putting an emphasis on personalization, ensuring that users can quickly and easily find content they want to read.
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The new Wikimedia Endowment will try to keep Wikipedia free for another 15 years

The Wikimedia Foundation has just launched the Wikimedia Endowment, which will serve as a “permanent safekeeping fund."
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These are the top 25 Wikipedia articles of 2015

Last year, Wikipedia logged more than 5 million articles in English. These were the 25 most-researched topics of 2015.
wikimedia v nsa news

Judge dismisses Wikimedia v. NSA lawsuit, says plaintiff arguments are based on speculation

The Wikimedia foundation has officially filed suit against the NSA in hopes of dismantling the agency's mass surveillance programs.
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Wikipedia switches to default encryption for its crowdsourced encyclopedia

Wikipedia and its associated sites are going encrypted, making it much harder for anyone to spy on your browsing patterns.
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Wikipedia looks back on 2014 in its first ever annual video


Wikimedia refuses claim to delete a selfie taken by a monkey

tweetbot catches russia making edits flight mh17 wikipedia entry

Tweetbot catches Russia making edits to Flight MH17 Wikipedia entry

follow congressedits see wikipedia edits capitol us

Follow @CongressEdits to see Wikipedia edits from the Capitol

Wikipedia adding voice recordings to famous people’s pages

TV, movies and celebs: Wikipedia’s top searches of 2013

wikipedia switches to default encryption for its crowdsourced encyclopedia

Wikipedia escalates war with Wiki-PR, issues cease and desist letter

At this rate, Wikipedia and Wiki-PR reps might appear on an episode of Maury soon.
wikipedia equality

Wikipedia editors are at war with paid PR ‘sockpuppets’

Wikipedia editors have gone after paid "sockpuppet" users allegedly hired by a company called Wiki-PR, which charges hundreds of dollars to write articles.
terms and conditions wikipedia

Terms & Conditions: Wikipedia is open, but your user data isn’t

Wikipedia is all about openness. But its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy keep users' identities a secret.

China censors Wikipedia ahead of Tiananmen Square anniversary

Just days before today's anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, Chinese authorities blocked the HTTPS encrypted version of Wikipedia.