Made by Google 2018 Event: Complete Coverage

Just as we thought Google was finally getting into its own groove with an annual October 4 hardware event in San Francisco, it decides to change things up this year with a new date and new location. Google’s “Made by Google” major hardware event takes place on October 9 in New York City, a first for the company, and we’re expecting a boatload of products, from the Pixel 3 and Pixelbook 2 to the Google Smart Display and potentially a third-gen Chromecast. Google fans will find no shortage of gear to fill their holiday wish lists. We’ll be on the ground to tell you all about it.

Google Pixel 4 event 2019 | News and live coverage

Google's next smartphones, the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, have been leaked so much -- sometimes from Google itself -- that we're not sure what's left for Google to show off. Nevertheless, we have a date: October 15 in New York City. Expect to see plenty of software features baked into the Pixel 4 […]
Google Pixel 4

Digital Trends Live: Fortnite season 10, Pixel 4 event, Disney+ offerings

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, we discuss the season 10 ending of Fortnite, the upcoming Google Pixel 4 event, Blizzard's reduced Hearthstone suspension, Disney+ content, and more.
episode 233 the end fortnite map season 10 11 chapter 2 new

Google may have a 5G surprise ready for its October Pixel 4 event

Thought all the surprises had been spoiled for Google's upcoming Pixel 4 launch event? Maybe so, but there's still a chance Google has a 5G surprise up its sleeve.

5 features I’d like to see in Google’s Pixel 4 smartphone

We’ve had a sneak peek at Google’s forthcoming Pixel 4 smartphone, and it offers few clues about what we’ll get. These are the 5 features I’d like to see Google include to take the Pixel line to the next level.
5 features i want to see in the google pixel 4