Made by Google 2018 Event: Complete Coverage

Just as we thought Google was finally getting into its own groove with an annual October 4 hardware event in San Francisco, it decides to change things up this year with a new date and new location. Google’s “Made by Google” major hardware event takes place on October 9 in New York City, a first for the company, and we’re expecting a boatload of products, from the Pixel 3 and Pixelbook 2 to the Google Smart Display and potentially a third-gen Chromecast. Google fans will find no shortage of gear to fill their holiday wish lists. We’ll be on the ground to tell you all about it.

What to expect from Google’s October 9 event in New York City

Google's annual hardware event is almost here, and with Google branching out more and more into hardware, we could be seeing a lot of new tech. Here's what to expect from Google's October 9 event.
Google Pixel 2

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