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A complete catalogue of reviews and updates for the entire Apple computer lineup, from MacBooks to iMacs and Mac Pros.

The MacBook Air on a white table.

Apple MacBook Air (M3) review: don’t overlook it

With the inclusion of the M3, the MacBook Air remains one of the best laptops you can buy for the price.
A MacBook Pro on a table in front of a window.

Apple MacBook Pro M3 Max review: delivering the goods

The back of the Blue iMac on a desk in an office.

Apple iMac (M3) review: When enough is enough

There's a new iMac, now using the M3 chip. It's not the iMac you want, but it might be the one you need.
Apple's 15-inch MacBook Air placed on a desk.

Apple MacBook Air 15-inch review: it’s not what you think

The 15-inch MacBook Air might have a small target demographic, but it's nearly the perfect laptop for them.
The Mac mini on a wooden desk.

Apple Mac mini (M2 Pro) review: the best mini computer ever

The M2 Pro makes the updated Mac mini the best compact computer ever made. And it's a fantastic value too.
The MacBook Pro on a wooden table.

Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch (M2 Max) review: hotter, faster, better

The new 14-inch M2 Max MacBook Pro lives up to the promise of more performance, but not without a trade-off.
The MacBook Air on a table in front of a window.

MacBook Air (M2) review: It’s what Apple has always wanted

The M2 MacBook Air is the laptop Apple has always wanted to make -- and in most cases, it's a rousing success.
Ugreen 100 watts GaN gallium nitride charger with space gray Macbook, black iPhone 11, white Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, and a succulent in a pot on a black background.

Ugreen 100W GaN Charger review: A perfect charging solution

The 100-watt gallium nitride (GaN) charger from Ugreen is a compact and efficient solution for anyone who does not want to waste time on charging.
The 2021 MacBook Pro with the lid open on a white table.

Apple MacBook Pro (M1 Pro) review: How Apple says sorry

The 2021 MacBook Pro does more than just make up for past mistakes. It's one of the best pro laptops ever made.
Apple iMac 24 inch placed on a desk in a sunny context.

Apple iMac (24-inch) M1 review: Seeing is believing

Reinvented as the iMac for a new generation. It has to be seen in person to truly appreciate its design.
Apple Mac Mini M1 sitting on a desk.

Apple Mac Mini M1 review: Miniature footprint, maximum performance

The Mac Mini is the first desktop Mac with Apple’s M1 chip inside. That means a lot of changes have come to the company’s smallest Mac. How does it perform?
The M1-powered Macbook Air, open on a table.

Apple MacBook Air M1 review: Fast, fanless, and absolutely fantastic

The MacBook Air M1 leverages Apple's own CPU to morph from a small and inexpensive but slow option into a darn fast alternative.
apple macbook pro 13 m1 review 06

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch M1 review: The iPhone of laptops

The new MacBook Pro 13-inch features Apple's new M1 chip, making these laptops more like iPhones than traditional laptops.
iMac close up on logo.

iMac 5K 27-inch (2020) review: An old dog learns a few new tricks

Apple Silicon Macs are coming, which puts the new Intel 5K iMac in a strange position. It may be one of the last of its kind, but is it worth buying anyway?
A MacBook Pro 13-inch on a table.

Apple MacBook Pro 13 (Intel, 2020) review: The hobbyist

The latest 13-inch MacBook Pro features updated processors, a revamped keyboard, and some confusing configurations. So, does it earn in its pro designation?
apple macbook pro 16 inch review ry 11

Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch review: The best Mac in years

Apple's new 16-inch MacBook Pro doesn't reinvent the wheel. There's little in the way of the innovation we typically expect from Apple. Instead, the company has returned with a true crowd-pleaser, a powerful laptop that addresses every complaint that made you consider switching to a Windows machine.
Apple MacBook-review-screen1

Apple MacBook 12-inch review: Just buy the Air

At $1,300, the 12-inch MacBook isn't cheap. With just one USB-C port and a lower-powered processor, the MacBook doesn't look like it has a lot to offer. However, do its multiple color options, tiny frame, and high-end design make it worth the price? We take it up against its competitors to see where it stands.
mac pro display xdr first look wwdc 2019 hands on 10

Apple Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR: First look

Apple has two new products it announced at WWDC 2019: The Mac Pro and the Pro Display XDR. Both cost thousands of dollars and aren't for you, but that doesn't mean you won't stop ogling them. The Mac Pro has insane levels of performance, once maxed out, and the display has peak brightness of 1,600 nits.
Macbook Air (2018) Review

Apple MacBook Air (2018) review

We’ve waited a long time for an update to the MacBook Air, and Apple finally delivered. With a lot of features ported over from the MacBook Pro, this new laptop is what a lot of Apple fans have always wanted. However, upon deeper inspection, it might not have been worth the wait.
Apple Mac Mini

Apple Mac Mini (2018) Review

Apple’s new Mac Mini doesn’t look much different from its predecessor, and it’s more expensive. Yet the changes under the hood make a case for its consideration as your new Mac. Can this entry-level machine hold its own? Read our Apple Mac Mini (2018) review to find out.
MacOS High Sierra

MacOS High Sierra Review

MacOS High Sierra makes major changes to the file system that forms it bones. Yet you might not be able to notice a difference.
Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display review green wallpaper

Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display (2017) review

It’s been years since Apples Retina 5K saw a complete re-design. Can it still compete with Windows systems? Read our Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display review to find out.
Apple MacBook Pro OLED with Touch Bar

MacBook Pro 15 (with Touch Bar): Our first take

TarDisk Pear

TarDisk Pear 256GB review

Apple MacBook Gold 2015 hero

Apple MacBook (2015) review


Apple iMac 21.5-inch (2014) review

MacBook Pro 13 2013 screen

Apple Macbook Pro 13-Inch (2013) review

MacBook Air 2013 review front

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch (2013) review

macbook air 2013 vs dell xps 13 apple 11 6 inch 2012 review press

Apple MacBook Air 11.6-inch (2012) Review


Acer Aspire S3 Review


Apple MacBook Air 13.3-inch (Mid-2011) Review

Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch

Apple MacBook Pro 17-inch (2011) Review

11.6-inch Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air (11.6-inch) Review

Apple iMac 27-inch

Apple iMac 27-inch (Core i5) Review

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