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E3 may be retired, but this summer is going to bigger than ever for video game news. We’re here to help you keep track of it all. Join us throughout the summer, as we cover everything from Summer Game Fest to Nintendo Direct. We’ll be bringing you news from every major event alongside hands-on previews, interviews, and more!

Geoff Keighley shows a slide showing the top 10 selling Steam Games of 2024.

Every summer 2024 gaming showcase: full schedule and stream recaps

Trying to catch up on summer showcases you missed in June? Here's what aired and what was shown at each.
Hawk in a headset in the Fighting Force collection

Hitman, Tomba, and more classics get new revivals at Limited Run Games showcase

Limited Run Games returned to summer gaming season with a packed showcase filled with a lot of retro physical releases and even some surprises.
Bubsy, an orange cat, standing in a tuxedo like he's James Bond in GoldenEye 007 holding a remote control.

Bubsy will claw his way onto modern consoles next year

Limited Run Games announced that it's releasing Bubsy in: The Purrfect Collection in 2025, bringing back the retro gaming icon to modern platforms.
Key art for Beyond Good and Evil.

Beyond Good and Evil gets a 20th Anniversary Edition next week (for real this time)

Ubisoft revealed that the 20th anniversary of its cult classic 2003 game is set to release next week in a now-deleted post.
Original Series
A hobbit chops food in Tales of the Shire.

Tales of the Shire is very serious about second breakfast

We played Tales of the Shire at Summer Game Fest, and it's just as serious about cooking as its hobbits.
A space shooter wraps around a mug in The Plucky Squire.

The Plucky Squire is the Zelda: Link Between Worlds follow-up I’ve been craving

The Plucky Squire's colorful combo of 2D and 3D is taking us back to one of our favorite Zelda games, the 3DS highlight A Link Between Worlds.
A diorama from Fantasian on iOS.

Nintendo’s stellar Direct proved that you can’t ignore Apple Arcade

Nintendo's June Direct featured two exciting announcements that proved Apple Arcade is a better value than you think.
Zelda stares at a landscape in The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom.

Nintendo just proved me wrong about the Switch

After a 2024 filled with remakes and niche oddities, Nintendo just showed us that it's serious about sending the Switch off in style.
OLED Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is going mature with new Switch Online collection

Nintendo announced that it's releasing its first mature collection for its Switch Online + Expansion Pack and it includes two action-packed classics.
metroid prime 4 beyond 2025 reveal

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond’s stunning first trailer was worth the wait

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond has finally gotten a gameplay trailer revealing its villain and 2025 release window.
super mario party jamboree announcement

Super Mario Party Jamboree is the series’ biggest game yet

Nintendo wasn't kidding when it said Super Mario Party Jamboree was the biggest in the series. It will have 110 minigames and a 20-person co-op mode.
donkey kong country returns hd dk

Wii classic Donkey Kong Country Returns gets an HD remaster

An HD remaster of Donkey Kong Country Returns is coming, combining the original Wii and 3DS levels into one package.
Zelda running from a purple void

The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom gives Zelda her starring role

Zelda is finally getting her starring role in The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom this September.
An RPG party stands in a throne room in Dragon Quest 3: HD-2D Remake.

Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake might divide retro and modern RPG fans

Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake will launch this November, and we've already gotten hands-on with it.
Mario and Luigi high fiving each other with stars surrounding them.

A brand new Mario & Luigi game is coming and it looks gorgeous

Mario and Luigi are making a comeback on Switch in Mario & Luigi: Brothership, launching this November.
The hero of Fantasian runs.

The best RPG you’ve never played is coming to Nintendo Switch

Fantasian, Apple Arcade's finest RPG, will finally make its way to consoles and PC this year.
Hello Kitty bakes food in a cafe in Hello Kitty: Island Adventure.

Apple Arcade’s most popular game is coming to PlayStation, Switch, and PC

Apple Arcade hit Hello Kitty: Adventure Island is coming to more players in 2025, with Switch, PC, and PlayStation ports planned.
An image of the Nintendo Switch - OLED Model Mario Red Edition.

Everything announced at the June 2024 Nintendo Direct

We're doing a live recap of every Nintendo Switch announcement made at the June 2024 Nintendo Direct.
Luigi with the Poltergust 5000.

Nintendo Direct June 2024: How to watch and what to expect

Nintendo's big June Direct is finally happening tomorrow, June 18. Here's everything you need to know about it so you don't miss a second.
A screenshot from Harmonium: The Musical.

Harmonium: The Musical embraces the Deaf community to create something special

I played Harmonium: The Musical and spoke to the developers behind this new adventure game that stars a deaf girl and embraces Deaf culture.
A monkey man faces off against a fiery boss in Black Myth: Wukong.

Black Myth: Wukong is a perfect chaser for Stellar Blade fans

Black Myth: Wukong's developers don't exactly see it as a Soulslike. After playing an impressive demo at Summer Game Fest, we can see why.
A baby levitates a bunch of scientists in Goodnight Universe.

You’ll want to wish-list all 7 of these games we saw at Tribeca Fest

At this year's Tribeca Fest, we played games about psychic babies, demonic skateboarders, and dark web Twitch streamers.
path of exile 2 sgf 2024 preview pathofexile2 cinematic sorceress

Path of Exile 2 is ready to go head-to-head with Diablo 4

Path of Exile 2's first 30 minutes showed us satisfying combat and deep progression. Here's what we saw during our Summer Game Fest demo.
The observatory in the remake of Riven.

Riven’s upcoming remake is only happening because Cyan can do it justice

Cyan Worlds is remaking its PC puzzle game Riven: The Sequel to Myst. We spoke to the team to learn more about the challenges of modernizing a classic.
Battle Aces' kraken in the cinematic reveal trailer.

Battle Aces does for RTS games what Pokémon Unite did for MOBAs

Battle Aces simplifies mechanics and makes the RTS game genre much more approachable, just like Pokémon Unite did for MOBA games.
Geoff Keighley shows a slide showing the top 10 selling Steam Games of 2024.

Video games are changing, and Summer Game Fest just teased what’s next

Summer Game Fest was full of exciting world premieres, but its most important reveal was teasing the future of video games.
Person flying on green glider toward floating island in cloudy sky

This Miyazaki-inspired survival game lets you heal the environment

Astrolabe Interactive's co-op survival game Aloft builds its gameplay mechanics around an environmental cause.
Shovel Knight with his weapon standing in front of a night sky with a full moon.

New mainline Shovel Knight game will bring a ‘new dimension’ to the series

Yacht Club Games announced a lot of updates to its Shovel Knight series in a Friday showcase, as well as two upcoming games.
madden nfl 25 2024 preview

Madden 25 lets you control everything, including contract negotiations

We spoke to Clint Oldenburg, American Football Production director for EA Sports, to talk about how it is putting more control in the hands of players.
Key art for Stalker 2.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 seems like it will be well worth the wait

We've had to wait a long time to go hands-on with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, but what I played at Summer Game Fest indicates that it is well worth the wait.
The main character in Phantom Blade Zero

Phantom Blade Zero delivers the action I wanted from Stellar Blade

We went hands-on with Phantom Blade Zero at Summer Game Fest, and the upcoming action game feels like a faster version of Stellar Blade at times.
honor of kings sgf 2024 preview banner

This smash-hit game is finally coming to the U.S., and you should take notice

Honor of Kings already has over 200 million registered players, and now it's about to hit the global market. Here's how the mobile MOBA looks before launch.
One of the rarity characters in Bokeh Game Studio's Slitterhead.

Silent Hill creator’s new game Slitterhead prioritizes action over scares

We got a creepy look at Slitterhead during Summer Game Fest and learned why Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama is prioritizing action over horror.
Emi Kimura shooting robot in Yars Rising

Yars Rising is the comeback an Atari 2600 classic deserves

Yars Rising, Atari's Yars reboot, reimagines the series as a 2D action-adventure platformer. Here's how its environmental puzzles and combat pay off.

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