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Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla’s all-electric Cybertruck is the most exciting, and unusual, truck to debut in the past decade. Its combination of DeLorean-like looks, bulletproof body panels, and customizable air suspension gives it a long list of features that are rare or non-existent on the F-150, Silverado, or Ram.

That’s the opportunity, and the problem. The Cybertruck is bold, but will truck buyers abandon the traditional trio for Musk’s rebellious electric truck?

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Tesla chief Elon Musk confirmed on Wednesday that the automaker's futuristic Cybertruck won't begin production until 2023 at the earliest.
Elon Musk has taken the Cybertruck for a spin the day before the Tesla chief is expected to offer a highly anticipated update on the vehicle's delayed launch.
Tesla chief Elon Musk unveiling the Cybertruck in 2019.
Tesla customers waiting for their electric Cybertruck pickup may now have to wait until 2023 before they can finally get behind the wheel.
Elon Musk Unveils the Tesla Cybertruck
Several rumors point to Apple possibly working on a self-driving car to one day rival Tesla. A British car leasing-company revealed what the car may look like.
A render that shows what the Apple Car might look like.
An attachment for Tesla’s Cybertruck that turns the all-electric pickup into an RV has taken $100 million in pre-orders, according to the company that built it.
The CyberLandr RV attachment for the Cybertruck.
Tesla's latest product isn't a new car but instead a $50 whistle made of stainless steel with a design inspired by the company's yet-to-launch Cybertruck.
Tesla's Cyberwhistle and box.
Tesla’s all-electric Cybertruck was supposed to launch by the end of this year but new information on its website confirms it's been delayed until 2022.
Tesla's Cybertruck.
Tesla boss Elon Musk has admitted that the extraordinary design of the Cybertruck means that the space-age pickup could flop.
Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk stands in front of the newly unveiled all-electric battery-powered Tesla's Cybertruck
Tesla boss Elon Musk recently announced a new feature coming to the Cybertruck, the company's strikingly designed electric pickup.
Tesla's Cybertruck.
Watch Tesla’s futuristic Cybertruck pickup cruise the streets of NY City on Saturday night -- just hours before Tesla CEO Elon Musk hosted Saturday Night Live.
tesla cybertruck features price specs release date photos 6
Battery pack aside, these trucks are very different. Here's how the Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian R1T compare.
Rivian R1T in the city
Tesla has sold its cars online since its inception, meaning you can buy a new Model Y from the comfort of your living room. Here's what the process is like.
Tesla Roadster front view
Tesla's head-turning Cybertruck is inching toward production, and what you saw in 2019 isn't necessarily what you'll get when deliveries start in late 2021.
Tesla's Cybertruck.
Tesla's head-turning Cybertruck and Ford's hot-selling F-150 overlap in several key areas, but they're completely different trucks built for different purposes.
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CEO says the factory will be an 'ecological paradise'
Tesla's Cybertruck.
Austin is the current front-runner as the site for plant
Tesla's Cybertruck.
The electric pick-up, which is yet to go into production, is on show in L.A.
Tesla's Cybertruck.
A deal hasn't been inked yet, but Austin appears to be the frontrunner
Tesla's Cybertruck.
The Tesla CEO will also bring his Tesla Roadster on the show
Musk Leno
We break down the prices for Tesla’s latest electric vehicles -- the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y.
Tesla Model 3
The 1:10 toy comes with a cracked window vinyl sticker so you can re-create the vehicle's iconic unveiling.
One of Tesla's top executives explained the Cybertruck will enter production as a Class 2B truck, while the Ford F-150 falls into the 2A category. In other words, they're not even in the same segment.
Cybertruck vs. F-150
Even with the hype surrounding Tesla’s electric truck, drivers still prefer other electric pickup models. About 63% of current truck owners surveyed prefer the GM electric truck and the Ford F-150 electric truck over the Tesla Cybertruck. 
teslas elon musk says yes to fords f 150 cybertruck challenge tesla profile
One Lego fan is hoping to make a Lego Cybertruck set a reality. A Lego Ideas user posted a rendering of a Tesla Cybertruck Legoset that looks like the original version, complete with front trunk and tailgate opening and closing function.
Lego Cybertruck
Los Angeles-based car-spotters were in for a treat when Elon Musk cruised down the 405 freeway in the one and only Tesla Cybertruck prototype, and later parked it in front of a swank Malibu restaurant.
elon musk spotted driving tesla cybertruck prototype in los angeles cody simms twitter
This pixelated Cybertruck looks surprisingly at home prowling the streets of St. Petersburg, shooting and getting shot at in equal measures. It also appears more bulletproof than it was during its unveiling.
Cybertruck 007
Forget using wipers to clean your windshield. Tesla thinks you should be able to destroy the dirt with laser beams. The idea sounds perfect for its recently unveiled Cybertruck.
You saw Tesla’s new Cybertruck beat a Ford F-150 in a tug of war, right? A Ford executive thought it may not have been fair, and so challenged Tesla boss Elon Musk to a rematch. And he's accepted. But now Ford seems to be backing down.
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episode 264 tesla cybertruck ford f 150 tug of war
If Tesla’s $40,000 Cybertruck is a bit out of your budget, Lego has recreated the electric pickup truck in a much simpler and cheaper Lego version. Lego's version is one lego brick with four wheels attached to it.
Lego Tesla Cybertruck
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episode 263 figure1
Elon Musk smashing two of the windows of Tesla's Cybertruck was the most commented-upon moment of the vehicle's unveiling. But why did the armor glass windows let him down? Here are some explanations.
Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk stands in front of the newly unveiled all-electric battery-powered Tesla's Cybertruck
Elon Musk opened the metaphorical curtains Thursday evening to unveil Tesla's new Cybertruck. This is the fourth model in the Tesla range, and the only model aimed squarely at the largest-selling sector of the U.S. automotive market.
Tesla Cybertuck moving
Interested buyers can drop a $100 pre-order deposit on the futuristic electric vehicle. You won't believe how many did.
tesla cybertruck features price specs release date photos 4
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On paper, the Tesla Cybertruck bests its gasoline-powered rivals in just about every way. But can power and towing capacity alone sell some pickup trucks?
Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla CEO Elon Musk will unveil the company's much-anticipated Cybertruck electric pickup truck on Thursday evening. Here's how to watch the event live.
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Tesla will unveil its Cybertruck on November 21. Elon Musk says the electric pickup truck will debut at the Tesla design studio in Los Angeles.
Tesla truck teaser
Tesla has started designing its long-promised pickup truck. The yet-unnamed model will come with dual-motor all-wheel drive and lots of torque, plus it will be able to park itself. It could make its debut in 2019.
Tesla truck teaser
Elon Musk has long expressed interest in building a Tesla pickup truck, an in his “Master Plan, Part Deux” blog post, the exec confirmed it will happen. The truck is expected to be close to the Ford F-150 in size.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that he wants Tesla to take on the biggest vehicle market in America: pickup trucks. Tesla may not have a truck ready for five years, but when it does it hopes to go directly after the best selling truck the Ford F-150.
Tesla truck