Windows 10: Our complete coverage of news, rumors, and more

Windows 10 is shaping up to be a lot more than just a coat of paint on Windows 8. Besides restoring the beloved Start menu, Microsoft will load the next generation of Windows with new features like the Cortana virtual assistant, the boldly minimalist Project Spartan browser, and even live streaming of Xbox One games. Read on for the latest from the world’s most popular operating system.

How to split your screen in Windows 10

To fully take advantage of Windows 10, you need to learn how to split your screen. Follow these instructions, and you'll be splitting your screen in no time.

Who needs a crew? How to sail solo in Sea of Thieves

A solo sailor can make a splash in Sea of Thieves. Follow these tricks and tips to become a pirate legend.
sea of thieves how to play solo sail

What is Windows Polaris?

What is Windows Polaris? Signs point towards a shell running atop the desktop version of the Windows Core OS.

How to set up speech-to-text in Windows 10

Do you want to start dictating your documents or text with your voice? Windows 10 Speech Recognition lets you voice-operate several tasks or apps on your PC.
How to uninstall a program in Windows 10

How to combine PDF files

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