Find that missing message with Microsoft Garage's newest app, Email Insights

The latest Microsoft Garage app is Email Insights, and it's for Windows 10 only. The specific problem that this Garage project is directed at overcoming is the challenge of finding email messages faster and more efficiently,

Stop refreshing Windows Update! Microsoft's February 2017 Patch Tuesday is cancelled

Every now and then, something happens to interrupt Microsoft's update schedule, usually due to some show-stopper bug that would mean an update would cause more problems than it solves. February 2017 is just such an occasion.

Google patent describes tileable displays to turn your living room into a movie theater

Google continues to explore the world of massive, wall-mounted screens according to a patent filing published today. The patent aims to improve on an earlier 2013 patent by eliminating bezels between tiled displays.

Reinstall Windows 10 (and fix your problems) with these quick steps

No operating system is immune to hiccups, and sometimes the best way to alleviate an issue is to start over from scratch. Thankfully, we've put together a detailed guide on how to wipe and reinstall Windows 10.

Yahoo is warning users over state-sponsored cookie-forging attacks

Yahoo has sent out a new warning to some users regarding allegedly state-sponsored cookie-forging attacks. It is believed that hackers were able to steal the company’s cookie source code to conduct the attacks.

Google Fiber will downsize, likely shifting focus from broadband to wireless

An Alphabet spokeswoman has confirmed that the company plans to reassign hundreds of workers currently assigned to the Google Fiber project, amid persistent reports of a new focus on wireless internet.

Hackers get Nintendo 64 and 32X games running on NES Classic

Hackers have been able to modify the NES Classic Edition to run RetroArch, giving the system the ability to run games originally released for the Game Boy, Sega Genesis, and Super Nintendo.

Apple heads back to a familiar venue for WWDC 2017, sets date for event

Apple has confirmed that its 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference will be held in the event's original venue, the McEnery Conference Center in San Jose, California, after fifteen years elsewhere.

The HP Pavilion 21.5-inch LED monitor is a budget-friendly full HD display ($100)

At just $100 on Amazon, the HP Pavilion 21.5-inch LED Monitor is an affordable desktop display suitable for both work and play. The IPS panel allows for clear viewing at all angles and outputs in crisp 1080p.

Intel's Optane memory will only work with 7th-generation chipsets

Intel's Optane Memory will be a seventh-generation processor and chipset exclusive and due to its size limitations. We know this because Intel just launched a new landing page all about it.

Microsoft makes creating Windows 10 Sticky Notes even easier with jump list support

The latest update to the Windows 10 Sticky Note app adds another way to create a new note. Now, you can right-click the Sticky Notes taskbar icon and create a new note from the jump list.

Oculus Rift still facing issues with room-scale tracking, but a fix is on the way

Oculus offers additional sensor options that provide for tracking significantly larger rooms with its Rift virtual reality system, but the company acknowledges that solution has been running into some problems.