Get comfy: You'll be the only human BattleMech pilot in 'MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries'

MechWarrior has been a multiplayer-only game for more than a decade at this point, but that's about to change. In 2018, Pirahna Games is releasing a new single-player MechWarrior game and it looks to be very faithful to the…

Zyxel's latest wireless range extender can beam dedicated streams to devices

Zyxel launched a new wireless range extender featuring MU-MIMO technology, the first extender in the industry to offer this connectivity feature. The device is available now, and can even be used as a wireless adapter for wired devices.

Apple closing in on 500 stores worldwide with new location near Shanghai

Apple has been busy this year -- the Cupertino, California company will open a new retail store in the suburbs of Shanghai this weekend -- the company's 489th store in China. The store is at Vanke Mall in Qibao.

Google is hiring creative writers to make Assistant more personable

Google's artificially-intelligent bot, Assistant, is now available in a "Preview Edition" in Google Allo, a messaging app. Support for Hindi is coming soon, and here's everything you need to know.
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EU threatens new hate speech laws if U.S. technology firms fail to improve efforts

The European Commission has told companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google to get better at dealing with hate speech and racist language on their websites or else it will enact new laws that force their hand.

Intel shoots for the moon with upcoming mini PC based on ‘Apollo Lake’ CPU

Intel just published a document detailing a new miniature PC motherboard that will be used in two new NUC models: the NUC6CAYH and the NUC6CAYS. The former is a bare-bones unit, while the latter includes memory, storage, and Windows 10.

Efforts from Google DeepMind and OpenAI Universe seek to make AI better

Today's artificial intelligence efforts are led by organizations like Alphabet and Elon Musk's OpenAI initiative. Both announced they are open-sourcing their machine- learning solutions to give them more exposure to the real world.

Minecraft Hour of Code tutorial headlines Computer Science Education Week

An updated 'Minecraft' Hour of Code Designer tutorial will show how the ever-popular gaming title can be even more effective in making kids excited to code by allowing them to create their own shareable 'Minecraft' game.

Researchers identify ‘brute force’ method of stealing credit card information

Researchers at Newcastle University have published a paper detailing how brute force methodology could be used to figure out credit card payment information from the first six digits of a card number alone.
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Plume Adaptive Wi-Fi Review

Plume drives to connect all your devices reliably, but you may end up stuck in the slow lane.

Forget controllers, use your hands: Leap Motion’s tracking tech hits mobile VR

Leap Motion has made it possible to use your hands in virtual reality with its Orion hand-tracking software. Now, the company has announced a new sensor that brings the technology to mobile VR.

Crime wave: Crash-and-grab at California Apple Store latest in string of robberies

The latest in a string of Apple Store robberies in and around the Bay Area, thieves used a car to smash through the iconic glass front of the store, before rushing in and stealing hardware on display.