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8 restaurants going high tech with tablets, robots, and liquid nitrogen

Ever had sushi delivered to you by a high-speed conveyor belt, or a 22-course meal accompanied by a high-end audio and video system? If not, then book a table at one of these tech-centric eateries.

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Why are these ants circling an iPhone? Watch the strange phenomenon here

A recent YouTube video shows a truly fascinating (if not terrifying) display of ant behavior, in which the small insects suddenly abandon their previously haphazard motion to march in a circle around a ringing iPhone.


Inspired by squid teeth, this self-healing plastic repairs itself when you add water

Thanks to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, there is a new kind of self-healing plastic, inspired by the teeth of squids, which may one day be used in medical devices or in deep sea cables.

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This underwater drone hunts and kills invasive starfish on the Great Barrier Reef

Researchers from the Queensland University of Technology have developed an underwater vehicle capable of destroying the Crown-of-thorns starfish that are literally devouring Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

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LG Display talks flexible, transparent, double-sided OLEDs in IFA keynote

LG Display's CEO, Dr. Sang-Beom Han painted a future of flexible, transparent, wafer thin OLED displays in the opening keynote of IFA in Berlin. There were also some prototypes on show.

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Want an external hard drive cased in wood, leather or carbon fiber? Brinell can do that

External hard drives and USB flash drives are everywhere, and most are built to serve their purpose as cheaply as possible. Brinell, however, is turning these common devices into a fashion accessory.


TomTom’s Trucker 5000 is specifically suited for big and tall driving

TomTom has announced the Trucker 5000, a navigation unit designed specifically with big rigs in mind. While it can also be used in a standard car, the Trucker 5000 chooses routes optimized for heavy vehicles.


Bosch reveals sensor-laden stovetops, a refrigerator with a camera, and more

German appliance maker Bosch revealed new lineups of sensor-laden cooktops, fridges with cameras, bacteria-fighting washers, a revamped app for Android and iOS, and more at IFA 2015 in Berlin.


Google's OnHub makes your home Wi-Fi awesome, no IT degree needed

Google’s first foray into networking brings big features, high-end hardware, and a new app. Can it compete with other routers in its tax bracket?

  • Pros: Excellent feature set , Setup couldn’t be easier…
  • Cons: One Ethernet port , Limited administration options

NASA’s latest bright idea? Using harpoons to ‘hitchhike’ on comets and asteroids

Instead of using costly fuel to accelerate a spacecraft toward a comet or an asteroid, Ono's proposed system would use a reusable tether system that would capture the comet.

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Want a BB-8 Droid from the upcoming Star Wars? They go on sale tonight for $150

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of BB-8 ever since the adorable little droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we’ve got good news for you -- Disney has partnered up with Sphero to make the droid a reality, and it goes on sale tonight at…

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Delighting Star Wars fans everywhere, Disney unveils Millennium Falcon and X-Wing drones

During its 18-hour live web event, Disney unveiled plans to sell remote-controlled Millennium Falcon and X-Wing drones starting Friday, September 4.

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By stimulating the spine, this exoskeleton helps paralyzed people re-learn how to walk

A team of scientists from the University of California, Los Angeles developed a robotic exoskeleton and spinal stimulation technique that'll help paralyzed people walk with some assistance.

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Why one CEO believes the toy industry needs to forgo gender labels

Don Coolidge, the CEO and co-founder of Elemental Path and creator of CogniToys, firmly believes that the toy industry should forgo gender labels to ensure that children feel the freedom to choose toys regardless of gender stereotypes.

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Samsung launches refreshed SmartThings Hub in push to get inside your home

Samsung used its much-anticipated presentation at IFA on Thursday to unveil a slew of new devices for the connected home. First up was a refreshed Hub with a more powerful processor enabling video monitoring and improved performance.


India’s plan to upgrade 20 million street lights to LEDs will save an estimated $890M annually

India is preparing to begin one of the most extensive streetlight retrofits in the world that'll install LED light bulbs in 20 million streetlights across the country.

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This digital stethoscope hopes to thrust doctors and nurses into the 21st century

Even though there have already been digital stethoscopes, Eko Devices's Core add-on might be the one with the most promise, facilitating low-cost, high-quality care and much more. Read on to learn more.


IBM is bringing sports into the digital age, starting with the U.S. Open

In partnership with the U.S. Tennis Association, IBM has catapulted sports into the digital age, leveraging its data capabilities with even more impressive analytics to create a truly state of the art for fans, coaches, and players alike.

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These insane 50 mph electric mountain bikes can handle any type of terrain

With a lightweight design, built-in shock absorbers, 5,200 watts of peak power, and a top speed of 50 miles per hour; Stealth Electric bikes effectively blur the line between mountain bike and electric motorcycle.

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This mono-wheel skateboard boasts LED runner lights and built-in Bluetooth speakers

Inventor Robert Bigler decided to join in on the hoverboard revolution by unveiling his latest personal mobility vehicle, a one-wheel electric skateboard.

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U.S. Department of Energy is building a car-sized digital camera with a 3.2 gigapixel resolution

The U.S. Department of Energy is building a 3.2-gigapixel camera for the upcoming Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST). The camera will capture stunning high-resolution images of the southern sky from its Chilean location.

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NASA’s Star Trek-inspired magnetic tractor beam will move satellites in space

Arx Pax is working with NASA to bring its hover engine technology to space where it will capture miniature satellites using a magnetic tractor beam.

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Acer’s Jade Primo transforms into a pocket PC with Windows 10 Continuum

Acer launched a new Windows 10 smartphone at IFA in Berlin called the Jade Primo that can turn into a PC with the Windows 10 Continuum feature. The release date is unknown at the moment.


Motion-powered Million Mile Light stays lit as long as you keep jogging

How's this for motivation on your nightly run? Your safety light will stay lit, as long as you keep moving. Such is the concept behind Million Mile Light, a Kickstarter project "that's powered by motion & engineered to never give up."

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Like a GoPro for you guts, this X-ray pill captures images inside your colon

Medical startup CheckCap has an innovative idea to detect colon cancer. Rather than a colonoscopy, Check-Cap uses a pill that's swallowed and travels gently through the colon providing images as it moves along.

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New Bluetooth alternative sends its signal using your body’s magnetic field

Ultra-low power wearable technology is about to get very interesting thanks to a new wireless transmission system that uses your body’s natural magnetic waves to carry a data signal across devices. The technology is being developed by a team of…

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Teflon chemical a possible health risk for 6.5 million people with contaminated water supplies

A recent study from two environmental scientists suggests the industrial chemical PFOA, a component used in the manufacturing of Teflon, is a much more serious contaminant than previously thought.


This crazy hobbyist built a flyable 54-rotor personal helicopter from drone parts

Someone in the United Kingdom just unveiled a brilliant, 54-propeller drone that possesses the ability to not only fly, but to fly with the man on board.

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Meet nuyu, the wearable that you don’t have to wear on your wrist

A new line of products called "nuyu" is a full suite of tools to help users get and stay in shape. And one of the most exciting products is their new Activity Monitor, a fitness tracker that can be worn on your shoelaces.