Pre-order ‘Civilization VI’ and get Montezuma and the Aztecs as a bonus

Montezuma returns to lead the Aztec empire in Civilization VI' though initially just as a pre-order bonus. It's available free of charge to everyone else 90 days after the game launches in October.

Nintendo releases 'Metroid Prime: Federation Force' minigame for free via 3DS eShop

A free surprise from Nintendo is in store for 3DS owners this week, as the publisher announced that a fully featured demo version of the Metroid Prime: Federation Force multiplayer minigame Blast Ball is now available for download.

New advance in 3D graphics may make the next Avengers movie look even more realistic

Light reflecting off detailed virtual surfaces like metal and water can now be quickly rendered thanks to researchers at the University of California San Diego. This advance could mean a major leap forward in cinema-quality computer…
Movies & TV

‘Pokémon Go’ helps propel franchise back to the big screen with ‘Detective Pikachu’

The success of the Pokemon GO game has prompted Legendary Pictures and The Pokemon Company to broker a deal to produce a live-action movie based on the 2016 game "Great Detective Pikachu."
Virtual Reality

PlayStation VR wants to put you in front of a 226-inch screen with its virtual cinema mode

PlayStation VR might be behind the Oculus RIft and Vive on features and release date, but it does have a few tricks up its sleeve. It's shipping with a VR cinema mode, which puts viewers in front of the virtual equivalent of a 226 inch…

‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’ pre-orders can claim exclusive Gjallarhorn-inspired Sparrow

Destiny veterans who are first in line to play the upcoming Rise of Iron expansion will get a bonus vehicle as an exclusive pre-order incentive, developer Bungie announced this week.

'World Of Final Fantasy' collector's edition's mini figures are so cute it hurts

World of Final Fantasy's collector's edition is simply adorable, with three chibi figurines and a pop-up papercraft book among its contents. A hardcover art book and CD soundtrack are also included.

A geneticist’s ‘Superformula’ made ‘No Man’s Sky’ real, but can Hello Games legally use it?

No Man's Sky appears to use a "Superformula" created by geneticist Johan Gielis to randomly create its enormous universe, and issues regarding the patented formula's licensing could have developer Hello Games in hot water.

Game on Mac or Linux? You can star farming in 'Stardew Valley' next week

Farming RPG Stardew Valley will release for both Mac and Linux on July 29, with console ports scheduled to follow this holiday season. The Harvest Moon-inspired game is developed by one-man team "ConcernedApe."

Square Enix goes wearable with the first RPG designed for Apple Watch

Fans of the Chaos Rings series of mobile RPGs will be pleased to hear that its creator is embarking on a new project called Cosmos Rings, an RPG developed exclusively for the Apple Watch.

‘Pac-Man Championship Edition 2’ coming to Xbox One, PS4, PC in September

Video game icon Pac-Man is set to star in a new pellet-munching maze game for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PCs that recalls his earliest ghost-chasing arcade adventures from the 1980s.
Virtual Reality

OSVR's updated OSVR HDK is now available for pre-order at $400

Razer and OSVR will now accept your hard earned cash for the upcoming OSVR HDK 2 kit shipping later this month. Pre-order it now in the United States and Europe, with availability in the Asia-Pacific region coming in the next several weeks.