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Spotify expects to reach 100 million users by year-end, but how many will be paying up?

The music streamer announced that it expects continued growth — despite Apple Music’s launch — in the second half of 2015. 100 million seems like a huge number, but there’s a caveat: most of its users are freeloaders.
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Ridley Scott mines big drama from small stakes in The Martian

The science fiction thriller based on the Andy Weir novel of the same name succeeds tremendously thanks to small stakes on a big planet, with an even bigger cast.
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David Cronenberg says he turned down True Detective because the script was ‘bad’

Director David Cronenberg says he was offered and turned down directing the first episode of season 2 of True Detective because he thought the script was bad, and admits to not yet having seen the show
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HBO confirms talks with Zack Snyder about Watchmen series (Update)

Director Zack Snyder is reportedly in talks to create A TV interpretation of the highly-acclaimed comic series Watchmen for HBO as a re-imagining, a prequel, or possibly a sequel. HBO has since confirmed preliminary discussions are…
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Brian Williams takes on first big story in tragic Oregon school shooting

Following his six-month suspension from NBC, Brian Williams took on his first big story yesterday, but sadly for tragic reasons. Williams helmed MSNBC's live coverage of the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, OR.

Japan Display crams over 33 million pixels into 17-inch display

Get ready, the next generation of ridiculously high-definition, small form factor displays are on the way. Japan display has created the world's first 8K 17.3 inch monitor, meaning it won't be that long until we all need new graphics cards.
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Android TV gets new apps from HBO, Showtime, CBS, Disney and more

Adding more value to existing hardware that's running the Android TV platform, Google has added several new apps that will allow users to stream popular shows like Game of Thrones and Ray Donovan.
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Viewer beware: The Walk literally made some moviegoers sick

Some moviegoers became nauseated from watching the hyper-realistic tightrope scene in Joseph Gordon-Levitt's new film The Walk. And according to director Robert Zemeckis, that was part of the film's goal. 
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Amazon gets streaming rights for The Good Wife writers’ new series BrainDead

Amazon has snagged exclusive streaming rights for the upcoming CBS series BrainDead. Created by the team behind The Good Wife, Robert and Michelle King, each episode of the show will premiere on Amazon four days after it airs.
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Amazon will cease sales of Apple TV and Chromecast near the end of October

Those planning to buy an Apple TV or Chromecast will have to look somewhere besides Amazon soon. Amazon has confirmed that it will no longer sell the devices starting Oct. 29, as they don't "interact well" with Prime Video.
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Netflix books seven new original series aimed at teens and tweens

Netflix has plans to add seven new original series aimed at teens and tween, including animated, stop motion, and live action series, set to debut this year through to 2017, in most markets.