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Beyerdynamic’s Custom Game headset has adjustable sound right on board

Beyerdynamic's Custom series headphones debuted a brand new member of the family at CES 2017 with the Custom Game headset, which has adjustable sound via switches on the ear cups to ramp up the fun.
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Time to kill? These are the 101 best movies on Netflix

Save yourself from hours of scrolling and searching through Netflix's massive library by checking out this list of our favorite movies you can stream right now. No matter what genre you're looking for, you're bound to find something.
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Doppler Labs' new Here One true wireless earbuds deliver great sound -- and much more

After teasing its talents with the Hear Active sound-augmenting hearables, Doppler Labs finally unveiled its new Here One fully wireless earbuds, which do everything from playing music to equalizing live sound. Check out our first…
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SoundCast VG7 omnidirectional speaker sounds as good outdoors as it does indoors

After unveiling its $150 waterproof VG1 Bluetooth speaker late last year, SoundCast is again expanding its VGX line with the new VG7, which is omnidirectional in addition to being rugged.
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Is Netflix more popular than porn as hotel room entertainment? It's not even close

To watch Netflix or porn, that is the question. Enseo has released a new study examining the popularity of streaming Netflix content versus watching pornographic videos among those staying in a hotel room.
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Braven’s new Ready line of rugged speakers is perfect for the great outdoors

While Braven took a new step with its first-ever sport-focused wireless earbuds earlier this week, it has returned to its roots by unveiling its new Ready line of rugged Bluetooth speakers.
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LG’s stunning Wallpaper OLED TV is already up for pre-order at Best Buy

LG wowed everyone at CES 2017, Digital Trends included, with its nearly paper-thin Wallpaper OLED TV, and it’s already available for pre-order via Best Buy to anyone with $8,000 to spare.
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Polk Audio’s Signa S1 soundbar costs under $200 and won’t take up much space

Following its recently released MagniFi Mini, Polk Audio unveiled the new Signa S1 soundbar, which is both compact and affordable, selling for less than $200 and measuring just 2 inches high.
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Sony brings Dolby Atmos surround sound to its new soundbar and A/V receiver

While its sleek new TVs and Ultra HD Blu-ray players may have been the star of the show, Sony is taking audio just as seriously at CES with a new Dolby Atmos soundbar and A/V receiver.

Radio giant iHeartMedia sets its sights on Spotify with two new streaming services

Terrestrial radio giant iHeartMedia has launched two new streaming services, one to rival internet radio giant Pandora, and another to take on on-demand heavyweights like Apple Music and Spotify.
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B&O Play's powerful multiroom speaker boasts style and smarts

The B&O Play doesn't look much like a speaker, but turn it on and give it something to play, and the sound produced will convince you it's not just any old speaker, but a socially impressive one. We've tried it out.
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Nuheara's wireless IQbuds enhance the sound around you while you jam out 1:51

We checked out audio startup Nuheara's new IQbuds, the latest addition to the burgeoning 'hearables' segment, which can blast your tunes while also allowing you to control the sonic world around you.