How To Convert WMA To MP3

Microsoft's proprietary audio format may be great when it comes to multi-channel surround sound, but unfortunately, it falters in terms of compatibility. Check out our guide on how to convert WMA files to MP3, whether you prefer web-based…

8 ways the smartphone in your pocket could save your hide outside

If you find yourself in a sticky survival situation with only your smartphone for help, then don’t panic, because it’ll prove very useful provided you know what to do. Here are eight ways it may end up getting you out of trouble.
Movies & TV

How to watch the 2016 Rio Olympics online

The 2016 Rio Olympics are quickly approaching. Here's how you can watch the two-week event once it premieres on August 5, with or without a television or access to a premium cable subscription.
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How to change your Twitter name

Just because you chose the worst Twitter name on the face of the Earth doesn't mean you're stuck with it for the rest of eternity. Check out our quick guide on how to change your Twitter username and real name in less than five minutes…
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Looking to verify your Twitter account? Now you can — here’s how

Looking to get your Twitter account officially verified? Here's a step-by-step guide to walk you through the entire verification process, so you can finally obtain the blue checkmark beside your Twitter handle.
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How to make animated GIFs with Photoshop (and other alternatives) 1:49

Love sharing GIFs with your friends and peers, but wish you could make your own? Here's how to do so in Photoshop, or using a few other methods that don't require you to shell out a premium fee with each calendar year.

How to connect the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller to a PC 1:13

Gaming with a keyboard and mouse can often frustrate even the most patient gamers. Swap out the traditional hardware for that DualShock 4 controller sitting on your coffee table with our step-by-step breakdown.

Need a Word with your PDF files? Here’s how to convert them to .docx

The most annoying thing about PDF files is that you can't edit them. Thankfully, it's easy to convert a PDF file into a standard format that's compatible with Microsoft Word.

How to share apps, videos, games, and more with your family on Android

Want to share Android apps, games, and other content purchased from the Play Store with your family? Google has finally launched the Play Family Library -- here's how to set it up and use it.

Dead pixel have you down? These tricks might revive it

Dead pixel got you down? We don't blame you. Check out our guide on how to fix a dead or stuck pixel and save yourself that costly screen replacement, or an unwanted trip to your local repair shop.

How To Get A Crazy Sharp Kitchen Knife

Why would anyone cook with a dull knife? Sharpening a knife may sound like a daunting task, but it's actually relatively simple if you have the right tools. Here's how to do so, whether you plan to merely hone your knife or sharpen it using…

How to update your Gmail mugshot in a few easy steps

Switching up the photo associated with your Gmail account is often necessary, especially if you just received a makeover. Here's how to quickly swap it for another, along with directions for changing your Google Plus photo.