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Hillary Clinton expected to show up at Miley Cyrus-hosted SNL premiere

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton expected to appear on SNL tomorrow night. The former First Lady, who has a long history with the show, said she's just looking to have a good time on the show. 
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Amazon Fire TV (2015) Review

Amazon's new Fire TV gets hotter, still leaves non-Prime subscribers in the cold.
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JJ Abrams loves the Beastie Boys so much, he gave them a Star Wars character

Director JJ Abrams has hidden a reference to famed rap group The Beastie Boys inside the name of a new Star Wars character, with an X-Wing pilot named for their famed 1998 album Hello Nasty.
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Ridley Scott mines big drama from small stakes in The Martian

The science fiction thriller based on the Andy Weir novel of the same name succeeds tremendously thanks to small stakes on a big planet, with an even bigger cast.
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David Cronenberg says he turned down True Detective because the script was ‘bad’

Director David Cronenberg says he was offered and turned down directing the first episode of season 2 of True Detective because he thought the script was bad, and admits to not yet having seen the show
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Vin Diesel wants original Fast and Furious director for Furious 8

The Fast and the Furious director Rob Cohen is one of Vin Diesel's preferred filmmakers to take on Furious 8, the first of three films that will conclude the blockbuster Fast and Furious franchise.
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HBO confirms talks with Zack Snyder about Watchmen series (Update)

Director Zack Snyder is reportedly in talks to create A TV interpretation of the highly-acclaimed comic series Watchmen for HBO as a re-imagining, a prequel, or possibly a sequel. HBO has since confirmed preliminary discussions are…
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The Skywalker family will be the common thread in future Star Wars saga films, says Lucasfilm

The common thread running through all of the past and future episodic installments of the Star Wars saga will be the Skywalker family, according to Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy.
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Brian Williams takes on first big story in tragic Oregon school shooting

Following his six-month suspension from NBC, Brian Williams took on his first big story yesterday, but sadly for tragic reasons. Williams helmed MSNBC's live coverage of the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, OR.
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Sony is reportedly working on an animated Ghostbusters movie

The universe of the Ghostbusters franchise might be getting a little bigger with the addition of an animated movie that Sony Pictures is reportedly developing to go along with the two live-action films in the works.
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Viewer beware: The Walk literally made some moviegoers sick

Some moviegoers became nauseated from watching the hyper-realistic tightrope scene in Joseph Gordon-Levitt's new film The Walk. And according to director Robert Zemeckis, that was part of the film's goal.