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Ready to bokeh? Xiaomi's newest smartphone is, thanks to a funky dual-lens camera

Proving dual-lens cameras are one of the hottest smartphone trends of the year, Xiaomi has announced the Redmi Pro. The two camera lenses on the back of this metal smartphone produce pictures with a bokeh-style effect.

Practical yet primal, Jaguar's first SUV is a big kitty that never bores

Jaguar’s latest vehicle isn’t a sports car or luxury cruiser, rather a five-seat SUV aimed at families that satisfies both desires.

Could two-step verification through texts go the way of the dodo?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology issued a draft of its new proposed authentication guideline, with the government agency recommending web entities consider alternative methods to SMS two-step verification.

Bad neighbor: Facebook is building housing that anyone can rent, but at what price?

Facebook is building 1,500 housing units in Menlo Park that will be open to the general public. The move comes as the social network readies its planned HQ expansion project in order to accommodate an influx of 6,500 new employees.

Nikon’s new portrait lens combines features that make it a first of its kind

Nikon has unveiled the AF-S 105mm f/1.4E ED, a medium-telephoto portrait lens that combines the flattering compression of the 105mm focal length with the extremely shallow depth of field of an f/1.4 aperture.

Google Camera 4.1 updates come with a new twist for selfies

Selfie lovers will soon have an easier way to switch to the front facing camera on Android devices. A quick hand gesture will bring up the selfie camera in the beta version of Google Camera 4.1, though exposure compensation is now missing.

Become the hero of your GoPro with these easy tips and tricks

Want to make the most of your new GoPro Hero camera? After all, there's so much more to it than just mounting it to your bike helmet. Shoot like a professional with these simple GoPro tips and tricks.

You don’t have to take off this camera bag to grab your gear

The Wolffepack Capture is a unique camera backpack designed to be accessible without ever having to take it off your back. To do this, it uses a patented "trapeze" technology.
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Twitter misses the mark on revenue, outlook in second quarter

Twitter continues to disappoint with its quarterly earnings. The company's latest financial results missed revenue and outlook expectations, posing tough questions for the company's founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey.

Microsoft injects Office 365 with cool new features for Word, Outlook, PowerPoint

Microsoft said on Tuesday that Office 365 will receive a bunch of new features in July, including Researcher and Editor services for Word. PowerPoint and Outlook will get new goodies, too.

BlackBerry will launch DTEK50 Android smartphone for $300 in August

BlackBerry isn't dead yet! The company may be readying three new Android smartphones for release later this year. Here's everything we know about the devices, what they look like, and what they can do.