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Ekko smart mirror puts a wealth of information right in front of your face

Since its invention about two hundred years ago, the mirror has changed in design and manufacturing process, but its overall function has remained the same. Miliboo sought to change all that with their stylish Ekko smart mirror.

Samsung head admits donating millions in political scandal, denies wrongdoing

Samsung's difficult 2016 continues. The investigation into South Korea's ongoing political scandal has grown to include the Samsung Group, and company executives have answered questions before a parliamentary committee.

48Hr Switch is a stylish backpack and messenger camera bag in one

If you're in need of a camera bag that's as fashionable as it is functional, the 48Hr Switch might be just what you're looking for. It's can go from backpack to messenger bag with just a few clicks.

Locky and Cerber have become the dominant ransomware families

Malwarebytes has published new research which shows the rate of ransomware infections increasing and not slowing down any time soon. The report also points to alleged Russian involvement.

Picky is an AI-powered app that chooses and edits your best photos

Polarr has released Picky, an AI-powered smartphone app that works offline and helps to find your most aesthetically appealing photos and automatically edits them to make them look their best.

Stealthy black pearl Galaxy S7 Edge is Captain Jack Sparrow's dream phone

Samsung has added a seventh color to its Galaxy S7 Edge range, named black pearl. The sleek, glossy finish is more reminiscent of Apple's jet black iPhone 7, than the barnacle-encrusted pirate ship with which it shares its name.

Bluetooth 5 is here, offering a huge jump in speed and range for devices

Bluetooth 5 is ready for release, and is all set to change the way we interact with all those devices connected with our smartphones, thanks to more speed, greater range, and more data capacity.
Virtual Reality

Google takes you on a VR tour of New York’s amazing holiday window displays

Google has just launched a "Window Wonderland" VR tour of New York City's best festive store window displays. Not got a headset? No problem – a smartphone, tablet, or computer will take you there, too.

Light’s 16-lens camera gets another spec bump, won’t ship till April at the earliest

Light said on Wednesday its revolutionary L16 camera should go into mass production "early in the second quarter of 2017," with shipping starting soon after. The new date signifies another delay, though hopefully this will be the…
Social Media

Snapchat ramps up original programming thanks to expanded Turner deal

Snapchat parent company Snap is expanding its partnership with Turner Broadcasting to bring even more original programming to its app. The deal also includes more sports, and news coverage via Snapchat's Discover section.
Cool Tech

SpaceX’s rocket relaunch looks set to happen a little later than expected

SpaceX announced on Wednesday it's aiming to launch its next rocket in January. Assuming it goes ahead, it'd be the private space company's first launch since one of its Falcon 9 boosters exploded on a launchpad at the start of September.

Microsoft’s latest Insider update lets you shut down your PC by voice command

Whether you're in the fast ring, or hanging back in the slow ring, there are lots of new features in Microsoft's latest beta update to Windows 10. Highlights include more Cortana voice commands, and less intrusive updates.