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Delta enlists Keyboard Cat, Double Rainbow Dude, Dramatic Chipmunk for new safety video

For its latest in-flight safety video, Delta Air Lines has called on some of the best Internet memes to make a cameo. While entertaining, Delta says the intention is to capture passengers' attention during an important moment.

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Access denied: Our favorite, free parental control software

The Internet can be a dangerous place, especially for your loved ones. Check out our selection of the best free parental control software for Windows and Mac OS X, so you can block unsavory sites, prevent cyber bullying, or simply minimize computer usage.


14 of the most annoying Galaxy Note 4 problems and how to fix them

Having a disagreement with your smartphone? Feeling resentful or irritated? Check out our Galaxy Note 4 problems roundup for advice on conflict resolution and repair your relationship today.


Electroloom prints ready-to-wear clothing like a cotton candy machine gone haywire

Rather than creating garments with a series of snap-together plastic parts, the Electroloom uses a process it calls Field Guided Fabrication to create real, fabric-based clothing from scratch

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Get out your puffy shirts: Seinfeld lands on Hulu June 24

All nine seasons of popular '80s and '90s show Seinfeld, which spawned more one-liners than you likely even realize, will be coming to Hulu starting June 24, for our streaming and binge-watching pleasure.

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InAiR TV brings augmented reality-like experience to TV, and you’re the remote control

SeeSpace's new InAiR TV plug-in device is like Minority Report in your living room, grabbing content from the Internet to augment what you're watching on the big screen, which you can control through gestures.

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The User Is My Mom will review your site for $75

Ascribing to the idea that if your mom can't figure it out, it's probably too complicated, one mother is braving the depths of the Internet to review your website, all for the bargain price of $75.


T-Mobile and MetroPCS celebrate Memorial Day weekend with a slew of deals and devices

To celebrate the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, T-Mobile and MetroPCS will both offer promotions, such as discounts to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Read on to learn more about other promotions.


Netflix confirms a redesigned interface to replace its aging web player

Netflix has confirmed that a redesigned web player for computer access to the site will begin rolling out later this year. It brings a single-page design and a bevy of usability improvements.

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Logjam HTTPS exploit downgrades security to get at your data

The Logjam exploit is a hole in the Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol, a commonly used method of establishing a secure connections. Thankfully, it's easy to patch.


OCZ’s newest solid state drives can read nearly three gigabytes per second

The OCZ 6000 Series takes advantage of the latest hard drive interface advancements to achieve mind-boggling read and write performance that puts even the quickest competitors to task.


Watch Elijah Wood and Rainn Wilson battle zombie kids in the first trailer for Cooties

A zombie virus has a group of schoolteachers fighting for their lives in the first trailer for Cooties, the upcoming horror/comedy from the co-creators of Glee and the Saw franchise.

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