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Aston Martin is counting on seven new models to completely reinvent itself

Aston Martin is getting ready to re-launch its Lagonda luxury brand. The sub-division will initially rely on a sedan and a SUV to lure buyers out of Rolls-Royce and Bentley showrooms.

Apple releases MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 with Night Shift mode to help you sleep

Night modes essentially tone down the blue light emitted by our devices and theoretically help tackle sleep problems. Apple implemented the feature in iOS, and now it's officially rolled out to Macs via MacOS Sierra 10.12.4.

Dangerous security flaw discovered in smart commercial dishwasher

The Internet of Things has a lot of benefits, but when cheaply implemented in appliances, it could open up new attack vectors for hackers, like in the case of a new commercial dishwasher made by Miele Professional.

You'll never have to road trip alone with Chris, your digital co-driver

German Autolabs' Chris, a digital co-driver, responds to voice and gestures to help with entertainment, communication, and navigation. The product's aim is to make driving more pleasant, convenient, and human.

New Razer Blade Pro is a THX-certified, GTX 1080-packing gaming monster

The 2017 version of the Razer Blade Pro does nothing to mitigate the company's focus on gaming prowess while adding some features and functionality that should do nothing but increase the machine's drool-worthy status among gamers.

Best emoji keyboards for iOS and Android

Looking to step up your emoji game a little? Perhaps a new keyboard will help. Here are some of the best emoji-focused keyboards available, from Fleksy and Minuum to a handful lesser-known offerings.

'Dark Souls 3' gets a framerate boost on PlayStation 4 Pro

The PlayStation 4 Pro can play any PS4 game, but a select number of titles have been optimized to take advantage of the platform. Here's list of every new and upcoming game that will benefit from the PS4 Pro's increased power.

Why is the Pixel’s camera so good? Google explains it, and what’s next

When Google couldn't fit the right hardware in a small device, they turned to computational photography for the camera inside the Pixel and Glass -- and now, they're sharing how the tech took five years to develop.

Netgear now offers a family of networking products under the Orbi umbrella

Netgear expanded its Orbi brand by adding two new networking kits consisting of the the RBK30 and RBK40, and compatible satellite units. Netgear is thus reaching a wider market with cheaper options outside the existing RBK50 kit.
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The new Connected Speakers are Urbanears’ vision for frustration-free wireless audio

Sweden-based Urbanears launched its new multiroom wireless speakers today, the Connected Speakers. Featuring a handy control knob, support for multiple wireless standards, and impressive sound, the speakers were showcased at a NYC event.

Here's our first look at Acura's sharper, sleeker 2018 TLX sedan

Acura has released its first teaser image of the redesigned TLX sport sedan that will debut at the New York Auto Show next month. Based on the Honda Civic, Acura's new entry model adopts the styling of the MDX crossover.

The Apple Watch 3 may let you make phone calls from your wrist

The Apple Watch Series 2 was released to some fanfare, but many are looking for more. In fact, the next Apple Watch could be the best yet. Here's everything we know about the Apple Watch Series 3 so far.