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Acer might launch a gaming smartwatch, but would you wear it?

Acer is rumored to introduce a smartwatch in the near future, and to make it standout, it'll be one made for gamers. Exactly what that means isn't known, but here's what we think we know about the watch so far.

TP-Link rebrands to focus on consumers, boosting market share in U.S.

TP-Link wants to improve its market share in the U.S. To do that, it needs a new brand and identity, and apparently a strong push into the smart home. The company recently opened a smart home business unit in the U.S.

Whill’s 4WD Model M makes campgrounds and parks wheelchair-accessible

Thanks to a 3-inch ground clearance and a 4WD system that links the front and back wheels, Whill's Model M wheelchair can move on uneven terrain and even on low-traction surfaces, such as light snow.
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Back in touch! NASA has just made contact with a lost spacecraft after nearly two years

Boy, those folks at NASA never give up. Having lost contact nearly two years ago with a spacecraft millions of miles from Earth, mission operators on Sunday announced they'd successfully reestablished a communications link.

Samsung still has time for Tizen, but does anyone else? New Z2 phone will be the test

Samsung has launched the Z2, but it's not a smartphone that runs Google Android. Instead it has Samsung's Tizen operating system, and is made to challenge the many low-cost phones available in India.

Microsoft takes a crack at organizing the workplace with Project Sonoma

Microsoft's Project Sonoma, a workplace chat app for Android and iOS, helps employees manage shifts by reflecting them digitally. It's available in technical preview right now, with a broader launch to follow.

Android 7.0 Nougat aims for inclusivity with its 72 new emojis

Google has finally taken the wraps off of the newest version of Android, Android 7.0 Nougat, which comes with a number of great new emojis. Here are the new one you'll get in the new operating system.

Gionee S6s might be average on the inside, but it’s all style on the outside

Chinese manufacturer Gionee announced the S6s, a slightly improved version of the S6 it announced a few month ago. Much like the original, the S6s focuses on the selfie lover crowd with a strong front-facing sensor.

These 8 games do what ‘No Man’s Sky’ doesn’t

As big as No Man's Sky feels, there are many times when it feels like something is missing from the game. Here are eight games that will scratch the itches you felt while playing.
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‘No Man’s Sky’ Review

'No Man's Sky' is too grand for its own good.

Apple and Samsung positively dominate smartphone profits worldwide

Samsung and Apple dominate smartphone profitability worldwide, and it's not even close. According to an analysis by Cannaccord Genuity, the two smartphone makers combine to make up more than 100 percent of the industry's profits.

This eco-friendly ‘Shed of the Year’ looks good enough to live in

You may well suggest that this three-room shed is not a shed but instead a small apartment, but it's nevertheless just won the award for Britain's best shed.