Instagram Socialmatic the concept camera inches closer to reality

instagram socialmatic the concept camera inches closer to reality mid print

Back in May when we wrote about the Instagram Socialmatic, we mentioned how the camera would definitely be popular among our photo-filter obsessed culture if it was a actual item. Now, the concept is a step closer to reality with a prototype slated to launch by the end of the year. 

ADR Studio, the masters behind the design of Instagram Socialmatic, announced via its blog that it has found several business partners to make its concept come true. If all goes well, the item could be released as early as mid-2013. Of course, the Instagram Socialmatic camera faces quite a bit of copyright issues starting with the use of camera body graphics that look much too similar to Instagram’s original logo. But assuming the team is able to bypass the legal issues, this could spell the return of instant film photography especially for those who Instagram on a daily basis.

Through its announcement, ADR Studio also released a couple more photos of the revised Instagram Socialmatic. The body is now black to distinguish just a bit from Instagram’s logo, and the specs remain the same as we previously posted: 16GB of internal memory, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, two lenses, and a built-in printer. There is also a 4:3 ratio touchscreen and an LED flash for snapping photos in low lighting. Unlike the original concept photos, Instagram Socialmatic now has a lens cap to add a real-life camera feel. Personally, it still looks like an oversized iPod Nano with a printer to me — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing since Apple products are generally well-designed.

ADR Studio says the camera will be a crowdfunded project so don’t be surprised if you see an IndieGogo or Kickstarter on the item in the near future. It also said that any rumors of pre-orders are scams, and everyone should stay posted for an official announcement of how you can get your hands on the product, if and when it becomes reality. In the meantime, do you think Facebook and Instagram’s partnership will do anything to combat this project? It certainly has the capacity to build its own camera if Instagram Socialmatic doesn’t get there first. 

For more photos of the revised Instagram Socialmatic camera, visit the designer’s blog.