Become the Jedi Knight you were meant to be this weekend, for free

Star-Wars-The-Old-Republic-screenshotIt’s no secret that Star Wars: The Old Republic has been shaping up to be serious WoW competition — how can you not want to be a Jedi Knight? However, this weekend EA is going to become a bigger Blizzard pest by offering a free-to-play version to those of you who’ve been sidling up to the idea of paying for the game.

The weekend pass free trial kicks off Thursday, March 15 at 12:01 CT, when you will be able to download the game, and will go on through Monday, March 19 at 2:00 AM CT. You won’t need to enter any payment details for the free trial. Once your trial period is over, your account will be set as inactive unless you actively cancel the account.

Once you’ve downloaded the game, you’ll be entitled to playing as one of the eight character classes in TOR. Weekend trial players will be able to play on the the class’s origin world, as well as their faction’s capital world. Additionally, players will be able to try out all the PvP Warzones, and play in their first Flashpoint

Now, of course there will be some restrictions. First, the free trial is only open to those who have never had an active game account, including the Friends of SWTOR 7 day trial. Some chat will also be disabled: general chat, trade chat and PvP chat. Sending and replying to in-game mail will be disabled; trade with other players will be disabled as well as the use of the Galactic Trade Network.

There will also be level limits for those of you that plan on gaming for all 4 days. Weekend pass characters will not be able to reach past level 15; you’ll be notified when you’ve hit the limit. Crew Skills ranking will be limited to 40.

Reportedly the fastest growing subscription game in North America, BioWare said in a guild summit last week that it has sold over 2 million copies SWTOR since launch. The average playtime for users is five hours a day, every day of the week. The game also packs an impressive amount of content, with 240,000 lines of dialogue, over 4,094 characters and more than 300 actors.

The free-to-play offering comes as the company prepares a massive game update 1.2 for early April which chiefly features a new Warzone, a new Flashpoint, new Lightsaber colors, new abilities, new races, guild banks, improved character textures and more.