Broken Sword 5 Kickstarter will also fund Beneath a Steel Sky 2

 broken sword 5

With more than two weeks to go, Revolution Software’s Kickstarter campaign raising funds for the hand drawn adventure game Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse has already reached its goal of $400,000. Kudos to the British studio keeping its sweet, conspiracy-fueled Parisian puzzler alive in the modern age! Fans of classic point-and-click adventure have more to look forward to than fighting off templars though. If the Kickstarter funding reaches $1 million, Revolution will start developing Beneath a Steel Sky 2.

Beneath a Steel Sky was Revolution Software’s second game. Made in 1994, it was a cyberpunk adventure set in a post-nuclear war Australia. The game benefitted from the help of comic book artist Dave Gibbons, famous for his work with Alan Moore on the series Watchmen.

Revolution head Charles Cecil has hinted at a sequel for most of the past decade, even going so far as to purchase the domain name in 2004, but it’s never materialized. The original game was remastered Beneath a Steel Sky for the iPhone in 2009, and included a new animated scene at the end that hints at a potential continuation.

Beneath a Steel Sky is fantastic, as is Broken Sword. Revolution’s projects are well worth supporting.