Sony Finds PSX Software Incompatibilities

Due to its lack of twin USB ports and other peculiarities of its peripheral support, the PSX will not work with a few third-party PlayStation 2 software titles. The affected games are as follows:

  • Petit Copter: This remote-control helicopter simulation, released by Aqua System, employs a special RC-styled USB controller that the PSX does not support.
  • Sidewinder V: The game released in the United States as Lethal Skies II will not support the USB flight sticks released by Logitech and Hori.
  • Shutokou Battle Zero: Known stateside as Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3, Genki’s urban racing game will not support the Logitech GT-Force wheel on the PSX.
  • Zero 4 Champ Series Drift Champ: Hudson’s latest drift-racing game will also not support the GT-Force wheel on the PSX.
  • Marle de Jigsaw: In what will no doubt be a blow to puzzle-loving gamers everywhere, Nippon Ichi Software’s jigsaw-puzzle spinoff of the Marle Kingdom RPGs will not support a USB mouse on the PSX.

The PSX also has only one USB port, so it won’t support any game that requires more than one such port — a two-player game of Para Para Paradise, for instance. In addition, as reported earlier, the PSX will not support the PlayStation 2 multitap for four-player gaming in any titles that support it.

Sources:, Gamespot