World of Warcraft gets a new pet to support Hurricane Sandy relief effort

world of warcraft gets a new pet to support hurricane sandy relief effort cinder kittenBlizzard Entertainment has turned their attentions — and those of the World of Warcraft community — to disaster relief once again with the announcement of a new in-game pet that players can purchase, with all proceeds going toward Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts.

The arrival of the Cinder Kitten was announced on Blizzard’s website, with the fiery feline going up for adoption later this year. The Cinder Kitten will cost $10, and all proceeds will go to American Red Cross.

“Your support will enable the Red Cross to provide shelter, food, emotional support, and other assistance to survivors of disasters like Superstorm Sandy,” states the announcement.

Blizzard and the World of Warcraft community previously teamed up to raise more than $2 million for the tsunami relief effort in Japan using the sale of Cenarion Hatchling in-game pets.

More information about the Cinder Kitten and the exact day it will be available for adoption is likely to come soon.