Report: Mobile Phones Pose No Health Risks

An independent advisory group of scientists at Britain’s National Radiological Protection Board who reviewed research into the health effects of exposure to radio frequency waves including mobile phones said there is no evidence it harms health but that it is still early days.

“In aggregate, the research published … does not give cause for concern,” the advisory group for the government watchdog said in a report.

Although the weight of evidence does not suggest mobile phones pose a health threat, the scientists said they have only been in widespread use for a relatively short time and further studies are needed.

The report is the first review in Britain since a study in 2000 also found no clear evidence of harm. “The … evidence does not suggest cancer causation, in particular from mobile phone use, nor any other adverse health effect from radio frequency exposure at levels below guidelines,” the NRPB said in a statement about the report.

About 50 million people in Britain use mobile phones. Fears have been expressed that their use can increase the risk of brain tumors, headaches and other medical problems.

Source: Reuters