Samsung Ships SCH-i519 Linux PDA/Phone

The VAP software automatically voice-activates all the names in the user’s phonebook, letting the user dial or look up information by saying the name, with no need to “train” the name beforehand.Users can also look up any contact by voice. Designed for use in China, the software recognizes speakers of English and Mandarin Chinese, and supports recognition of both English and Chinese namesand commands.

The i519 is the first embedded Linux device running Voice Signal’s VAP application. In addition to VAP functionality, Voice Signal’s software also lets users launch any installed application by voice. With simple commands, such as “Open Browser” or “Open Instant Messenger,” users have instant access to the applications on their device.

Voice Signal’s dual language VAP application offers many user-friendly features such as a rich, dialogue-based user interface that allows users to dial the phone, launch applications, and look up contacts without using the stylus or touch screen. Users can also personalize their voice dialing experience to best fit their needs. Novice users can take advantage of Voice Signal’s online help guides, and audio voice prompts, while advanced users can turn off the audio prompts and choice confirmation features for an ultra-fast experience. Voice Signal also offers users the option to train custom voice tags for names, providing the most flexible user experience possible.

“With the release of our Voice-Activated Phonebook for the i519, Voice Signal continues to lead the market for embedded speech solutions on mobile devices,” said Voice Signal CEO Rich Geruson. “We are delighted to be working with Samsung to introduce a speech solution that supports voice dialing for speakers of Mandarin Chinese.”