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RCA upgrades its Roku Smart TV lineup with affordable 4K models

TV manufacturer RCA is launching three new 4K UHD TVs, expanding its already robust lineup of affordable Roku Smart TV models. These new additions will run the upcoming Roku OS 8. 
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Our Sony X800E unboxing and setup guide will ease your way to 4K

We've put together this handy Sony X800E unboxing and setup guide, which will give you step-by-step instructions on installation, starting from the unboxing all the way through finalizing the software setup.
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TCL bashes premium TV price barriers with 55-inch 4K HDR Roku TV for $600

TCL has unleashed its first high-end TV line, incorporating Dolby Vision and HDR10 HDR capability, Roku OS, and a bevy of other features, with models starting as low as $500.

Bask in millions of HD colors with our guide to the best TV deals right now

To take the guesswork out of the equation, we've rounded up the best TV deals available right now that provide you great savings, along with the peace of mind you get when you know our team has given them the thumbs up.

The Samsung 65-Inch Curved 4K Ultra HD Smart TV is discounted to $2,200

If you're looking for a TV that makes your entertainment room the most elaborate it can be, go for a high-end TV such as this Samsung 65 -Inch Curved 4K Ultra HD Smart TV currently discounted to $2,200 or 54 percent.

Your next TV will pack more than just additional pixels

The leap from tubes to LCDs brought us more pixels and flatter screens, but the next generation of television technology is about brighter brights, darker darks, and maybe even ditching the screen entirely.
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Samsung’s flagship KS9800 is bold, beautiful, and wicked smart

Samsung finally unveiled its flagship TV series, the KS9800, at a Spring Launch Event held in New York today. The TV has Samsung's best picture quality, but what makes this TV really special might not have anything to do with the picture at…
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New deal means the future just got a whole lot brighter for current 4K TV owners

The HEVC codec is what allows companies to stream 4K video into your home, but its future was in jeopardy due to high royalty rates set by the HEVC Advance group. Now those rates have been cut, meaning your new 4K TV won't be obsolete…
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This is why Apple canceled its 4K TV

Sure, Apple has a product called the Apple TV, but for years rumors have been rampant that an actual television would be coming out of Cupertino. It seems that while Apple was indeed working on a television, it dropped the idea over a year…
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Ultra HD Blu-ray finalized, 4K discs headed to the home theater

Potentially good news for anyone that's an early adapter of Ultra HD television technology, specifications for Ultra HD Blu-ray discs are now complete and production on software as well as hardware can begin.
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Not digging the curve? Samsung’s HU8550 4K/UHD TV is flatter, thinner, and cheaper

We take a close look at the HU8550, which is the best flat-screen 4K/UHD TV Samsung makes this year. It also happens to be a better bargain.
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The best TVs at IFA 2014

Smartwaches and tablets may have garnered much of the buzz at IFA 2014, but that didn't stop the likes of Samsung and LG from debuting a wealth of new televisions sets. Check out some of our favorite offerings showcased at the renowned tech…
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Could Apple stun us all and bring Ultra HD/4K TV to the masses on its first swing?

While the new iPad Air and retina iPad mini had yet to raise their heads from Apple headquarters yesterday, rumors emerged that the company could dive headfirst into the 4K TV world, releasing affordable 55-inch and 65-inch 4K TV models by…
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Sony breaks price and sound barriers with its new line of speaker-less 4K TVs

By doing away with the premium speaker system it included on its X900A 4K televisions, Sony was able to further slash prices, bringing a 55-inch 4K TV to market for less than $3500.
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We give up! Sony and Samsung relent on bloated 4K prices with major discounts

Sony and Samsung have dropped prices on their 55 and 65-inch 4K/Ultra HDTVs by as much as $1500 and it appears LG is prepping less expensive models as well. The news comes less than 5 months after the TVs were originally priced.

PlayStation 4 says no to 4K games, but yes to 100GB 4K movies

Sony's insistence on packing the PlayStation 3 with all the latest tech last decade drove the cost of the console way up. The PlayStation 4 won't chase the bleeding edge of technology, skipping out on 4K resolution for games. 4K movies…
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‘Ultra High Definition’ officially replaces ‘4K’ as name for next-gen TV standard

A board of industry leaders recently convened for a meeting in which it was decided that "Ultra High Definition" will replace "4K" as the name for the emerging, next-generation TV and projector technology. The decision was motivated not…
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JVC refines e-shift, teases professional 4K TV under $20k

JVC strengthens its hold on the affordable, high-performance projector market with seven new models and teases an 84-inch 4K TV at CEDIA 2012