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How to redeem a code on your PS4

In the age of digital media, you'll probably need to redeem a PS4 code at some point. But how do you do it?
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How to change your PSN name

After years of being forced to live with that awful or embarrassing online ID, there's now a way to change it.
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PlayStation is finally letting you change your terrible username

Sony is finally giving PlayStation 4 players the ability to change their PSN usernames. The first change will be free, while subsequent ones will cost between $5 or $10, depending on if you have a PS Plus membership.

Goat Simulator wreaks havoc on PS4, PS3 in August

Coffee Stain Studios' over-the-top, mayhem-fueled stunt game Goat Simulator is coming to Sony consoles next month with a new "GoatVR" mode.
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