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Latest by Molly McHugh

Sprint and T-Mobile may get the iPhone 5

Photovine less of a mystery: Adds invite registration and teaser trailer

Federal case will decide if the government can make you decrypt your laptop

Google blocks ex-employee’s ‘Social Circles’ book

Email could use a revamp, not a replacement

Plants vs. Zombies

EA to buy PopCap Games for $1.3B

new pandora

Pandora ditches Flash for new site design

Move Facebook photos to Google+ with this application

privacy policies google vs facebook projects

Privacy policies: Google+ vs. Facebook

China Facebook

China buying piece of Facebook: To worry or not to worry

Amazon to challenge iPad with Android tablets in Q3?

Google eBooks migrates onto e-readers with iriver Story HD

How location privacy is changing

Spotify’s plans to take over the US music scene surface

google+ photos

Four reasons Google+ photo feature is better than Facebook’s

the chevy volt a love hate relationship

The Chevy Volt: A love-hate relationship

Facebook Search finally exists

How meta: Stick Facebook inside Google+ for a social network within a social network


Olympus LS-20M Review

Code reveals Facebook working on a music service codenamed Vibes

youtube gets a much needed facelift from cosmic panda redesign

YouTube gets a much-needed facelift from Cosmic Panda redesign

Justin Timberlake might bring talent competition to MySpace

Google, you’re such a tease: Google+ temporarily opened, and shut back down [Update: Invites up for some]

Microsoft will make out thanks to Facebook, Skype deal

Spotify announces US launch, Facebook music dashboard around the corner?

facebook updates chat design introduces group fb

Facebook updates chat design, introduces Group Chat

facebooks awesome product is video chat from skype facebook fp

Facebook’s ‘awesome’ product is video chat from Skype

Google Search police strike again, send ‘’ domains into oblivion

Italian police arrest Anonymous suspects

photos and blogs

Google rebranding continues: Picasa and Blogger up next

Rumor: LivingSocial about to begin IPO process

facebook blocks google extension that pulls contacts thumbnail

Facebook blocks Google+ extension that pulls contacts

google video rentals coming to android devices youtube movie

Google video rentals coming to Android devices?

Rumor: Google also wants to buy Hulu