Industry’s first whole-body editor shows a portrait is more than just a pretty face

PortraitPro Body aims to streamline whole body edits with simplified tools. With options from slimming down to beefing up, the program includes a mix of extreme edits and more subtle adjustments.
Virtual Reality

Oculus cooking up a VR containment system for room-scale Rift experiences

The Oculus Rift Touch controller arrives soon, and Oculus VR is getting customers ready by building what's known as a caged system. It's similar to HTC's "Chaperone" method for the Vive headset, which defines a block of physical space for…
Cool Tech

Fascinating new study explores the complex psychology of why humans feel empathy toward robots

Would you lie to a robot to avoid hurting its feelings? If you’re like one participant in a recent study, the answer is a resounding “yes.” The experiment sheds some light on our complex relationship with humanoid bots.
Product Review

Piper Computer Kit Review

Piper's kit computer uses Minecraft as a portal into the world of programming.

Want to become a ‘Funtrepreneur’? Samsung has a limited-edition TabPro S to make it happen

Samsung wants you to live your dreams, and if they include starting your own business, then it has the complete mobile tablet setup for you: A limited edition Galaxy TabPro S, keyboard, and SSD package, comes with advice from entrepreneurs.

Maru OS wants to turn your phone into a desktop with its latest open source build

Maru OS, the bite-sized Android add-on that lets you to run desktop apps from your phone, just went open source, and it's got big plans for the future.

Instagram on the desktop just got better thanks to this third-party app

Ramme is yet another unofficial desktop app for Instagram, but it's the most versatile one we've tried. It lets you browse, like, comment, search, and even post photos – all from your Mac or PC.

Here’s a computer virus inspired by the TV show ‘Mr. Robot’

Researchers have discovered a seemingly innocuous piece of ransomware that takes a great deal of inspiration from television's Mr. Robot — but the purpose of the software remains a mystery.

Salt Lake City is Google Fiber's 7th (and possibly the last) city with fiber

In possibly the last city for its gigabit fiber, Google Fiber announced sign-ups for Salt Lake City. Faced with challenges, time, and expense of burying cables, Google may switch to high-speed wireless elsewhere.

Facebook opens up its image-recognition AI software to everyone

Facebook is opening sourcing its AI image recognition software, which can detect and label objects in photos. The company hopes it will one day be able to categorize live video and offer detailed descriptions for the visually impaired.

Update your iOS device to 9.3.5 as it fixes serious security vulnerabilities

You shouldn't wait to install the most recent iOS update, as it patches three vulnerabilities that were actively used in a spy operation targeting a recognized human rights defender.

Big budget cuts ordered for Google Fiber, likely putting the brakes on rollout

Rollouts of Google Fiber are just costing too much, and fiber-to-the-home might not be the right strategy. Top brass including Larry Page and Sergey Brin are pressuring the division to cut costs.