Ransomware threat is only getting more dangerous and costly, Symantec report says

Ransomware threats to individuals and businesses are growing rapidly. with even more dangerous strains of the virus and higher ransom demands, according to Symantec's latest ransomware report.

Intel ships 7th-gen Core chips to device makers, systems likely coming this fall

The 7th generation of Intel Core processors, Kaby Lake, is currently shipping to computer makers, suggesting devices with it will be fore sale this fall. You might want to put off any big laptop purchases for a while.

French data authority gives Microsoft three months to clean up Windows 10

France's National Data Protection Commission, CNIL, has issued a notice to Microsoft, ordering the company to change the way that Windows 10 collects user data and tracks browsing habits.

Microsoft literally counting the seconds until free Windows 10 upgrade expires

Grab it while you can: Microsoft's free upgrade to Windows 10 is coming to a close on July 29. In case you forgot, though, a new update nags Windows 7 and 8.1 users with notifications and a full-screen advert.

Heads up Surface Pro 3 owners: you might have a failing battery

If you have a Simplo battery in your Surface Pro 3, there's a good chance your battery may eventually be unable to hold a charge for more than an hour or two, reports indicate. Microsoft isn't saying much, though.

Linksys to release clever Smart Wi-Fi app, with notification support, for high-end routers

Linksys updated its smartphone app today. You can now receive a notification on your phone when your router goes down, and configure your home network from your phone.

Affinity Photo's upcoming version 1.5 could give Photoshop a run for its money

Serif has announced its next update for Affinity Photo will include a plethora of new features, including HDR merge, focus stacking, 360-degree photo editing, batch editing, macros and more.

Firefox will begin blocking specific, unnecessary Flash content, starting in August

Mozilla has stated that Firefox will begin blocking certain "invisible" Flash content that's not relevant to the browsing experience starting in August.

Google's DeepMind is helping the company save money on its electricity bill

Much of Google's power usage is due to its vast data centers. Now its DeepMind AI technology is looking for ways to cut power bills while maintaining efficiency. It's already showing promise, and saving millions.
Virtual Reality

OSVR's updated OSVR HDK is now available for pre-order at $400

Razer and OSVR will now accept your hard earned cash for the upcoming OSVR HDK 2 kit shipping later this month. Pre-order it now in the United States and Europe, with availability in the Asia-Pacific region coming in the next several weeks.

Skype drops support for older Windows Phone, Android devices

Skype's moving to the cloud, and Microsoft says that older Windows Phone and Android devices aren't compatible with their plans. But will the announcement give Windows Phone users a push to upgrade?

Bitdefender beefs up Box with 2 new features to keep your network secure

Bitdefender recently unleashed two new features for its standalone Box device to better secure your network. Box connects directly to your router, and filters traffic before it reaches your devices.