Stop that Skype install! Here are the chat apps you should be using on Windows or MacOS

Instant messaging is something we do on our smartphones now, but desktop clients are far from dead. In fact, they're currently enjoying something of a renaissance. So, which one should you be using?

Outlook 2016 for Mac now works with the Touch Bar and all of those cool add-ins

Microsoft is making a couple of significant improvements to Outlook 2016 for Mac. Specifically, it's adding Outlook to the list of MacOS applications with Touch Bar support and it's making add-in support available to production builds.

Mac owners wanting a new Surface device now have a free tool for easy migration

Microsoft now offers the Mac to Surface Assistant, a small tool for transferring files, programs, and settings from MacOS to Windows 10. Users can move their pictures, music, and more, along with archived files from cloud services.
Product Review

Eero WiFi System Review

Eero’s powerful Wifi System brings reliable internet to your home’s every nook.

Neverware helps schools run Chrome OS and Office 365 on low-end machines

One weakness of Chrome OS is that it doesn't provide the best integration with Microsoft's productivity solutions. If that's important to a school, then Neverware's newest CloudReady version should be of some interest,

AMD rumored to be working on a 16-core, 32-thread Ryzen CPU due later this year

If you thought the multi-threaded performance of AMD's Ryzen CPUs were impressive, just wait until you get a look at the rumored 16 core, 32 thread Ryzen chips that are said to be in the works for a 2017 release.

Sleek and powerful Portal Wi-Fi router is available for $149 through March

If you live in an area surrounded by numerous wireless networks, your Wi-Fi speeds can suffer. The Portal Wi-Fi router solves this problem with its unique FastLanes technology and is now $51 off through March.

Don't throw the box away: Smartphone packaging may transform into a VR viewer

A recent Google patent suggests the company's working on device packaging that folds into a VR viewer. It's a potential follow-up to the search giant's low-cost Cardboard headset.

Apple to debut augmented reality content on iPhone ahead of dedicated hardware

Apple has a substantial team working on augmented reality, with a view to making certain functionality available via the iPhone, with dedicated hardware to follow once users are acclimatized.

Tiny 'flow battery' could both cool and power future hardware

Getting power to and cooling modern processors is no easy job, but having a technology that could do both could fix a lot of associated problems. IBM and ETH Zurich university's new development could well do that.

LG 4K HDR monitor will use USB Type-C and cost $1,000 at launch

LG's 32UD99 is an upcoming 4K monitor with support the HDR10 standard and will cost $1,000 when it debuts on March 28 for the first time. It comes with a slimline bezel, built-in speakers and USB Type-C power.

Zotac’s new Zboxes up performance with seventh-gen Intel CPUs and GTX 1000 graphics

Zotac's stand at CEBIT 2017 will show off a number of new Zbox mini-PCs, complete with seventh-generation Intel CPUs and Nvidia GTX Pascal graphics chips, upping the performance bar for micro systems everywhere.