Expand your digital vault with these 5 high-capacity hard drives

Need to store a lot of movies and music? Here are five of the biggest consumer hard drives in the world. Most of them aren't quick, but they can store hours of video and thousands of hours of music.

The top tools that can encode x265 video

A new video format has risen to the throne, called h.265. This format, popularized by x265 and other encoding options, is destined to quickly become mainstream, which means all video tinkerers need to find upgrading tools to use.

How to fix a slow Samsung solid state drive

Samsung SSDs in may be vulnerable to certain problems that cause SSDs to lose all that wonderful speed. Here's what to look for, and how to get the right solutions.

Think the floppy disk is dead? Think again! Here’s why it still stands between us and a nuclear apocalypse

Tom Persky is apparently the last man still selling floppy disks at a national scale. We asked him what makes the format so hard to drop for a handful of users -- including embroiderers, the aviation industry, and the Department of Defense.

Satya Nadella, Bill Gates give Chinese President private tour of Microsoft campus

To set itself apart, Microsoft arranged quite the exhibition for the influential world leader. This includes a banquet, where chief executive Satya Nadella and co-founder Bill Gates could be found sitting on either side of Mr. Xi's…

USB 3.1 have you confused? Here’s everything you need to know about the standard

Need a quick primer on USB 3.1 and its various flavors? This guide will teach you the difference between Gen 1, Gen 2, and Type-C, and give you the scoop on Thunderbolt 3 compatibility.

Trends with Benefits: VR’s going mainstream, VW’s in deep diesel, and more

This week's roundup of the latest and greatest in tech covers live-streaming video apps including Periscope and Nomadcast, Oculus Connect 2 and the future of VR, and Volkswagen's trouble with the EPA.

By showcasing Samsung’s Gear VR, Oculus reminds us VR is bigger than the Rift

Oculus Connect 2 may not have Samsung in its name, but the company's biggest announcements were related to Gear VR, a mobile headset for Galaxy and Note smartphones. That represents Oculus' move to position itself as virtual reality's…

Spec showdown: Oculus Rift vs. HTC Vive

The forthcoming Oculus Rift and like-minded HTC Vive will soon jostle for the top of the VR charts, but how do they compare when directly compared with one another? Check out our spec comparison for a closer look at the hardware and…

Spec Showdown: Oculus Rift vs. Samsung Gear VR

The Oculus Rift and Gear VR both deliver on almost paradoxical fronts. While Oculus brings the power of PC gaming to a head-mounted virtual reality display, Gear VR serves as a convenient introductory point for anyone only casually…

Polk’s latest gaming headset connects to nearly any system, dishes up serious sound 1:47

At $150, the Polk Striker Pro Zx have plenty of competition, but few of their contemporaries can claim to offer such versatility paired with such impressive sound. Bundled with the cans are everything you need to game on nearly…

It’s official: We’re (completely) out of IPV4 Addresses in North America

IPV4 exhaustion has finally hit North America, and we're at last out of all available IPV4 Address blocks, leaving many emerging markets on the wait list without many alternatives.