What does a thousand bucks worth of RAM look like? G.Skill has the answer

As memory prices drop steadily, there are still opportunities to pack your system with the biggest and baddest. G.Skill's new 128GB DDR4-3200MHz kit is exactly that.

Leak reveals Samsung’s two flagship ultrawide monitors coming later this year

A pair of premium ultrawide monitors will be released by Samsung before the end of 2016, according to leaked information. They're offer 3,440 x 1,440 resolution and a refresh rate of 144Hz.

Brits panic to file taxes as major banking website goes down

The first payday of 2016 wasn't a great one for U.K. customers of HSBC, who couldn't access their accounts. Today is also a key tax deadline in the U.K. for those who are self-employed.

Flowstate auto-delete note-taking app is a procrastinator’s worst nightmare

Flowstate is the new note-taking app for people who work well under pressure. Its unique feature is an auto-delete mechanism that starts erasing your work if you stop typing for longer than seven seconds.
Social Media

Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth soars overnight to a lofty $47 billion

Following a massive overnight growth in stock, Mark Zuckerberg has beaten out the Koch Brothers on the "rich list," with a net worth of $47 billion, making him the sixth wealthiest person on the planet.

OS X Snow Leopard was just updated for the first time in two years

Are you running an older version of OS X? If it's Snow Leopard, you may have had your digital certificate refreshed in order to maintain your access to the app store, otherwise you could have lost access to everything.

CybertronPC’s supercharged CLX line channels the power of ancient Egyptian gods

CybertronPC isn't new to the PC business, but its name isn't well known. The company hopes to change that with its new CLX line, which aims to compete with the quickest PCs in the world.

Lumia who? Microsoft’s latest earnings release puts cloud in the spotlight

Cloud services are bigger than ever, and Microsoft is taking advantage of that. Just don't mention the Lumia line, where sales are so poor they're affecting other marketable areas for Redmond.
Virtual Reality

How to step into virtual reality without going virtually broke

2016 will be the year of virtual reality, but if you don't have the money for a retail Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, what can you do? Don't worry! There are ways to enjoy VR for as little as $100.

Chrome will soon mark unencrypted sites with a big, red X

Google is pushing encryption to every corner of the Web by labeling sites without any encryption as unsecure in Chrome, in the same way it marks sites with broken or insufficient encryption.

New Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 firmware updates cause more problems than they solve

Microsoft has pushed a new firmware update to Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book owners, but it may cause more new issues than it solves. If you were hoping for an instant improvement, prepare to be disappointed.

DX12 is coming: Ashes of Singularity just hit beta 1:17

If you have Windows 10 and a compatible GPU, you're all ready to play DirectX12 games, except there aren't any full releases to play yet. We're getting close though, as Ashes of Singularity just hit beta.