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Ultra HD Blu-ray arrives March 2016; here’s everything we know

Ultra HD Blu-ray discs and players will arrive later this year, just in time for the holidays. Here's everything you need to know to be prepared for one of the most significant advances in home entertainment we've seen in years.

Whoops! Tidal's botched leak forces Rihanna to release record early

Rihanna's eighth studio album, Anti, was accidentally leaked by Jay Z-owned streaming service Tidal, forcing the singer to make the album public early, with Rihanna giving out a free download code.
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From Vince Neil to Steve Ballmer: Celebrity Apprentice rolls out new cast and advisors

Celebrity Apprentice has confirmed its cast for the upcoming eighth season, which will be hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger, including names like Jon Lovitz and Vince Neil as well as advisors like former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.
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Now you can stay in and 'Netflix and Chill' with this Airbnb listing

Binge watchers rejoice, the "Netflix and Chill Room" on Airbnb is an NYC apartment catered toward Netflix addicts. The Manhattan pad contains a bed with Netflix bedspread, HD projector, and Apple TV with Netflix account.
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The latest Bluetooth speaker from Fluance is big, bold, and a little strange

Fluance's Fi30 and Fi50 Bluetooth speakers weren't exactly portable, but its latest goes even further. The Fi70 makes no bones about aiming for a permanent place in your living room.
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Looking to stream IFC documentaries? Hulu will be your only option

Hulu has closed a deal with IFC, making its streaming service the only place viewers will be able to stream documentaries from IFC Films, as well as any trailers for its upcoming documentaries.
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CW testing the eSports waters with Mortal Kombat tournament special

With eSports moving closer to the mainstream, CW is bringing Mortal Kombat X: Machinima’s Chasing the Cup to primetime TV next month, testing the waters to see if eSports could be "sports for CW."
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Netflix faces unexpected obstacle in Indonesia, gets blocked by largest telco

Netflix's expansion into Indonesia has hit an unexpected roadblock: The country's largest telecom provider has blocked access, raising questions of what regulations apply to the Internet TV network.
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The home of the binge: Military bases abroad can still stream Netflix U.S. content

Netflix has been working to prevent people from accessing programming unavailable in their region, but subscribers on U.S. military bases overseas don't have to worry. Service members living off base, however, may be affected.

What if your Apple TV was your cable box? The FCC wants you to have that choice

The FCC is expected to propose rules that would let customers ditch their pay-TV provider's cable box in favor of competitors' hardware. It faces stiff opposition from industry players and members of Congress.

From Swish to Waves: Kanye changes album title and hints at collaborators

Rapper Kanye West has changed the name of his upcoming album from Swish to Waves, added an extra track to the playlist, and will still release the new record on February 11 during New York Fashion Week.

Rihanna and Drake drop new single Work, but not on Spotify

Rihanna has released the first single off her upcoming album Anti, an electronic soul banger called Work that features Drake. Unfortunately, you won't find it on Spotify, YouTube, or SoundCloud at present