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How To Convert WMA To MP3

Microsoft's proprietary audio format may be great when it comes to multi-channel surround sound, but unfortunately, it falters in terms of compatibility. Check out our guide on how to convert WMA files to MP3, whether you prefer Web-based or desktop methods.


How to send files from Android to Mac OS X

Looking for an easy way to transfer your files from your Android device to your Mac? We’ve got a few options for you in this guide including Android File Transfer, USB, and a variety of cloud services.


How to convert a PDF to a JPG (and vice versa)

Converting file formats can be an absolute pain, but it doesn't have to be. We've put together a few options for converting PDFs to JPGs and vice versa – no matter what kind of OS you're using.


How to convert AVI to DVD

So you've got a movie in AVI format, but you want to put it on a disc so you can watch it through your DVD player. In this article, we offer up a dead simple tutorial on how to convert AVI to DVD – no matter what operating system you're using.


How to connect PS4′s DualShock 4 controller to a PC

Gaming with a keyboard and mouse can often frustrate even the most patient gamers. Swap out the traditional hardware for that DualShock 4 controller sitting on your coffee table with our step-by-step breakdown for connecting a DualShock 4 controller to a…


Which gadgets to buy refurbished, how to to buy them, and where

Electronics can be expensive. Big brands and cutting edge specs come at a premium. What do you do if you can’t afford the price tag? You could always consider taking the refurbished route to secure yourself a decent discount.


How to watch the 2014 US Open tennis tournament online

Many of the best tennis players in the world are competing in the 2014 US Open. Here's how to catch all the action online.


How to crop a photo with a PC or Mac

Editing photos can be frustrating, but you don't need premium software such as Photoshop to simply crop out various elements of a frame. Check out our quick guide to cropping photos, whether you prefer to use the Web-based Pixlr or your own OS utility.


How to reset your Windows 8 password

Check out our elaborate guide on how reset a Windows 8 password, whether you choose to utilize a reset disk, an administrator account, a Microsoft account, the Command Prompt, or a clean installation.


How to delete cookies in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE

Cookies can track your browsing, and much more. Here's how you can delete them.


How to download photos from Instagram

Unfortunately, Instagram is only as good as the network connection your using it on. Check out our guide on how to download Instagram photos for offline viewing, whether you want to download your entire collection or a few choice photos from other users..

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How to find a lost cell phone

Need to know how to find a lost cell phone? We’ll help you locate your lost or stolen cell phone and get your life back on track.


Here are the 15 biggest problems with the iPad Air, and what to do about them

Your new Apple tablet should be perfect. If you’ve been afflicted by iPad Air problems then it’s time to demand satisfaction. We’ve got potential fixes, workarounds, and advice to solve your issues.


If you suspect your Netflix is dragging, here’s how to test and find out

You may not be able to do much about lumbering streaming speeds, but some say knowing is half the battle. Check out our quick-hit guide for on how to test your Netflix streaming speed, whether your prefer to check the ISP Speed Index or play a dedicated video.

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How to password protect a Microsoft Excel document

Excel documents are used by people and businesses all over the world. Thankfully, it's easy to secure them with a password. Here's how.